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22 May

My Oktoberfest Trip and Outfits | Munich |Germany

Love the way you are.     Hello my Dears, Coming back to Munich (München) to attend the Oktoberfest was a totally accident. I’ve never expected I would be back in Milan to learn about more Fashion and contacted different people in this summer.     The flight from Milan to Munich just took one and half hour and everything seems so familiar as in my mind. I’ve stayed in this city before for 2 months (you can read my former posts but only some of them written in English) and had so much nice memories. I still remembered the teacher said that there are 5 seasons in Munich,  SPRING, SUMMER, OKTOBERFEST (Die WIESE), AUTUMN and WINTER.      The weather in Munich was super gut. Finally...
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21 May

Chillin in Lugano | My Summer Looks | Switzerland

What a beautiful afternoon in Lugano.        Hey my dears,  Turn your passion into reality.  It seems like my Instagram took a short break but my real life is nonstop super busy.  Lugano is such lovely small city along the Lugano Lake located between southern Switzerland and Northern Italy. And it’s very easy to take the train started from Milan Central Station. Within 2 hours, you will be attracted by the fantastic lake view and couldn’t wait to explore this quiet and joyful place.   Actually, I’ve been here once at the beginning of this year, but the weather was so bad and freezing cold so that I didn’t take any photos of me, even a selfie, not to mention to walk...
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20 May

My Summer Looks in London| Mayfield Lavender |Perfect UK Trip

Most of the time, I like the nature. Where to find me? Let me show you…       Hello my Dears,  It’s morning regards from London. So happy to be back without any rush and sleepy face as a flight attendant before.  I’m finally simply as a visiter and enjoyed the rarely nice summer weather and the lovely London-vibe shops. I felt so happy to hang out with old and new career successful friends during this days in London, otherwise I would show you my travel in Alsfeld, Germany to attend the “Little Red Riding Hood Festival”, not London. Happy Sunday! 延伸閱讀 Related Post : Vienna to London | To-Do-List |Spring UK   Harvey Nichols     Happy moment on the top of Harvey Nichols eating the lobster meals...
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19 May

Riomaggiore |Cinque Terre |Italy

CINQUE TERRE. Such a peaceful afternoon with the amazing ocean view.       Hello! My Dears, Thanks for the concerns about my absence recently. I kept quiet for a quite long time because my laptop was being fixed for at least two weeks. If you are my loyal followers, you know me, I don’t like to post the photos just right from my iPhone except selfie so that I couldn’t work for either Blog or Vlog. Both of them had to take a long break. On the other hand, I was just too busy to prepare the IELTS tests in order to get the good scores and need to concentrate on writing some Travel articles for SNOWL POST without being disturbed by...
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17 Apr

Red Blazer Looks in Milan| A Cherry Blossom Hunter? | Italy

Spring is coming. It seems like a fake beautiful background, but I did really stand there. After a rainy day, all the cherry blossom showed their lovely faces to the public. I felt so lucky because I finally caught the cherry blossom season in Europe unexpectedly.     Cherry Blossom Hunter     I really love Mix and Match. In this look, I wear the red blazer, bakery boy hat and skinny jeans with the fishnet and sneakers which looks sporty but sexy. I wish I would have enough time having a picnic under the trees with new friends. Incredible journey taught me a lot. Thanks for all the friends who know me or not, even though I disappeared in any social media Instagram for...
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16 Apr

Snow Paris | France

Snow snow snow! I didn't expect it would snow before I came these days. What a big surprise to encounter such biggest amount of the snowfall in 20 years in Paris! Now, I enjoy the spring more than this cold weather, but I would love to show you how much snow I encountered. 巴黎20年來第一次下這麼多雪的那幾天,我剛好人在巴黎。   Montmartre     Montmartre is my favorite area in Paris with the unique atmosphere. Well, I still remember my first time visit was with my airline girls and the schedule was so tight, therefore, I had rarely romantic impression of this city. 蒙馬特,是我對巴黎景點中特別有感覺的一區,記得第一次和女孩們去巴黎玩,時間很緊湊很累,我對巴黎沒有太多浪漫的好感。   延伸閱讀 Related Posts: Romantic Autumn Paris | France Reims|Champagne Day Trip|France   Paris,💋 I can't believe I could come back here again. 久違了,巴黎。 However, I've checked the weather  forecast and it should be sunny...
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15 Apr

First Time in Milan | Winter Looks| Italy

Duomo di Milano, the outstanding and representative Goethe architetture in Milan. Life so far is so incredible. Be the happy one as usual. What do you think of the truth of the life? All we have to do is trust ourselves and make any effort. The  fantastic Journey keeps going on. 米蘭大教堂,義大利的哥德式建築傑作,也是最代表米蘭的地標,很開心這幾天的好天氣,也很珍惜現在的生活,奇妙的旅程繼續展開。     Hey Dears, It's been a long time again not updating this blog to report my recent life. You may notice from my Instagram  photos that I stayed in Milan, this fashion city,  for quite a long time and the way to perform my style changed obviously at the beginning of this year. Simple is More. Since I decide to move forward to fashion industry, the first thing is to make my blog look chic...
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14 Apr

About Me ? | My Lookbook in Kaohsiung | Taiwan

You will never know, there is a surprise waiting for you. Happy as always. Think positive and good things will turn towards you.        Hello! Dears, This is my second English post about my life in Taiwan. Let's talk about the Instagram first. I know most of  the photos I posted in the Instagram are not close to the "reality", most of  them are about "Travel".  Not too much about "what I am doing right now" like other Taiwanese girls' posts. It doesn't mean I don't want to share my daily life. But you know, since I finally know how to manage Instagram as other western Instagram bloggers last year,  I decided to focus on Travel, Fashion, Lifestyle, 3 simple but not easy Topics Instagram started to be popular...
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13 Apr

Amsterdam to Munich| Summer Holidays

Amsterdam in summer! After my 10 days Morocco Trip, we took the flight from Casablanca to Amsterdam and stayed in this city for very short 24 hours. There is no reason to resist the best season in Europe and that's what I actually really want to experience.   Amsterdam     Hey My Dears, You know what? Even Morocco was amazing but most of the time it's still easy to feel or touch the tiny dust around. As we arrived in Amsterdam and stepped into the very simple but clean wooded decorated double room, we finally could really relax ourself and took the hot shower even in the very modern style hotel MEININGER Hotel Amsterdam City West. The feeling is exactly the same when I...
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12 Apr

Spring Looks | Vienna | Austria

Schloss Schönbrunn is a former Imperial summer residence especially for the Habsburg monarchs for over 300 years re-constructed by Queen Maria Theresa in 1743.     Schloss Schönbrunn     My dears, Good morning! Life is like a miracle. Don't you think so? I would love to go Keukenhof to admire the most beautiful Tulips garden in the world, but it’s a pity that I didn't have any flights during this beautiful season to Netherland. Nevertheless, I had a Vienna flight which is one of my favourite destinations in Europe. The Schloss Schönbrunn garden might be the vivacious full of the spring flowers as well, I guessed. As I expected, every corner of the Schloss Schönbrunn was so magical. The tree walls in the garden are...
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