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Category: Food

15 Apr

First Time in Milan | Winter Looks| Italy

Duomo di Milano, the outstanding and representative Goethe architetture in Milan. Life so far is so incredible. Be the happy one as usual. What do you think of the truth of the life? All we have to do is trust ourselves and make any effort. The  fantastic Journey keeps going on.



11 Apr

A sweet tooth or not? |Taipei Life | Taiwan

There are different kinds of topic Cafés or Afternoon Tea places for girls in Taipei which are designed for girls to take pictures. Let me share with you my leisure time in Taipei.


6 Apr

Happy Eating Time in Sapporo | Hokkaido | Japan

Well…when you hear about Japan, you might probably think of the Sushi. When you hear about Hokkaido which is located in the North part of Japan, you must try the seafood here.


30 Mar

New York! New York!| Best Travel Tips | USA

New York! My big dream city in my flying bucket list. Now you can see, in this post I combined my 5 times flying stories both in Manhattan and Brooklyn as best travel tips for you.  

代廣場是以百老匯大道和第七大道的交叉點為中心,橫跨42-27街的三角地帶。雙腳一踏出捷運站,全是五光十色的動態廣告,不分白晝與黑夜,快速變化且閃亮的霓虹燈讓人目不轉睛,擁擠的紐約經典街頭,被稱為是「世界的十字路口」(Crossroads of the world)。


29 Mar

What to Eat and See in Singapore?

December in Singapore is still extremely hot not like winter at all but still like a summer.  Even thought all the malls along the Orchard road are decorated with Christmas Theme lights and details, you still feel super HOT. I combined all the travel stories whenever I visited Singapore to share with you.



28 Mar

Chillin in Bangkok |My Travel Routine | Thailand

Bangkok! I can’t believe I’ve already visited this tropical city for 10 times! You know how much I love Bangkok, the food, massage and the vibes! In this post, I combined all my over 10 times travel stories and would love to share with you my travel routine in Bangkok as the best travel tips!  


24 Mar

Crazy Shopping in New Delhi |luxury and Local experiences|India

Sometimes you just feel so amazing that you are being somewhere without knowing you would be there before. Do you see the HEART of the Jantar Mantar? I combined my 10 times travel stories in New Delhi as best travel tips for you.

有時候覺得人生真的很奇妙,意外到了一個完全不在旅行清單裡想要「打勾」的地方,這個呈現倒愛心型,有上百年歷史的世界遺產:疆塔爾.曼塔爾天文台 (Jantar Mantar)。

22 Mar

Summer Rome Holiday | Dream Travel Tips| Italy

Rome. Oh! It’s my 5th time in this dream city before I started to fly often to Germany and we just landed in Aeroporto Leonard da Vinci. I still felt I were in the dream and I did make my dreams come true. I combined all my stories in Rome as best travel tips for you.

印度新德里飛行了約9小時,終於抵達羅馬的李奧納多.達文西機場(Aeroporto Leonard da Vinci),已經傍晚6點多。