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About Me

Hi, I'm Gwan. Welcome to my Blog.


Gwan Chen 關, a girl was born in Taiwan, based in Berlin, Germany, studying Fashion currently. She is also a Travel and Personal Stylish Blogger – A Dreamer and Globetrotter. She was a flight attendant and has traveled over 100 cities in 27 countries and keeps exploring the world.

She completed her Bachelor degree of German Literature and participated in the exchange student program in Vienna during the third year of university. Also, she studied International Relationships in her postgraduate period and got the master degree. However, she set her heart finally on Fashion and decided to make her dreams come true.

She also has the fashion style knowledge of the differences between the Asian and Western cultures because of her study background and the later amazing life in Munich, Berlin and Milan respectively.

She named her blog “GWANMIA” = “My Gwan” inspired by a portmanteau of her real short name “Gwan” and Italian “Mia” which means “my” or “mine”. She created and later started to write English version as well in order to share more travel stories and the beautiful items to the people around the world.



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