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15 Jan

5 Things to do during the Corona Lockdown|Fashion Student|Berlin, Germany

Well, my new life in Berlin was supposed to be very brilliant with lots of events regarding to my fashion study, but you will never know and expect this new journey in Germany or specifically the whole world would have a tremendous change at the beginning of 2020 because of COVID-19 Pandemic.


Hey my Dears,

Late Happy New Year 2021! Well, my new life in Berlin was supposed to be very brilliant with lots of events regarding to my fashion study, but you will never know and expect this new journey in Germany or specifically the whole world would have a tremendous change at the beginning of 2020 because of COVID-19 Pandemic. (coronavirus pandemic).

However, I have to think positively that at least I’m safe and healthy away from those virus attacks and did truly experience the beauty of Berlin, the magical city. It sounds weird, I was an extremely travel girl in the past years and even I was not a traveler before, I’ve never stayed in a city in my country for over one month.


This Corona pandemic really changed my life and my thoughts.


As I said, Berlin is a such city I would love to stay longer and even for the rest of my life, but I couldn’t imagine that in this almost one year, I didn’t leave this city at all. The magical thing is, I never felt boring or unpleasant during this time. I do still love travel if everything back to normal, but I never had the feeling that I need to leave this city immediately.


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However, I feel literally comfortable in Berlin and I can even call this city as my home base right now. I used this time editing lots of YouTube videos and re-organised my new Instagram account. Last but least, I still hope the pandemic will be vanished soon without any harsh restrictions to give more vivid vibes and love back to this world. Below are the items I’ve done during this corona time frequently:


Wearing Medical Mask



Before 2020 it’s impossible to see someone in Europe wearing the fascial mask walking on the street or even in the public transportation. Majority had the thoughts that only the people get sick need to wear the fascial mask and even those who are sick didn’t have the sense to cover their mouth and nose in the public. At that time people didn’t have the habit that wearing the mask is best way to protect yourself from the danger because you would never know who around you have the virus or not.

At the beginning of the corona time, there were too much debates and arguments whether people should wear the masks in the public. After couple of months, I’m glad and surprised to see that not only the elderly but also the young people would rather wear the masks automatically in the public transportation, in the crowd and even on the empty streets in order to being away from the infection. At the beginning of 2021, German government finally announced that we should wear the medical facial mask instead of the ones made of the clothes. Indeed, I personally think the medical ones are not environmental friendly but for our long lasting health, to follow the rules is first priority. It’s the long way to fight, but I still believe we will come back to the normal life dancing and singing with our beloved in the public soon.


(P.S. This floral mask is only for taking photo. Please wear the medical facial mask. Bitte tragen Sie die medizinische Maske für die Sicherheit.)


Online Courses / Home Office



Obviously, technology changes the world dramatically because of the Corona pandemic in our current daily life. Especially the serious early 2020, home office and Online schooling (Online Vorlesung) have already replaced the way we were used to be. Microsoft Teams, Adobe Connect and Zoom even Google Meet play the huge role during the time staying at home. At the beginning it was a weird feeling for me talking something serious with the professors, lectures and classmates in the visual room in front of the digital equipments like laptop or iPhone. Somehow, when the time passed by, I got used to this way quickly which can save the time taking the public transportation and find it not bad staying comfortable at home even sometimes wearing my pajarma listening to the online courses especially in the cold Germany winter.





During the corona time I started to have the motivation to workout at home and make my body shape better than before. Actually, I’m thankful for having the Asien gene so that we don’t need to exercise so often in order to keep fit and still have a slim body shape. Moreover, I found ABS Line is much more sexier than Mermaid Line because I don’t like the mermaid line to make the belly look so strong especially for a women, indeed, I love the flat belly instead as I always used to be. Except doing workout daily at home, I also fall in love riding the bicycle and jogging once or twice a week in the early morning  along the river in the park and feel the smile from the urban nature in the spring and summer time in Berlin. Running passing through the trees and chasing the sunshine through the leaves make me refreshed and think something more positively.





When Corona was occurred at the beginning of 2020, it was the time between the end of the first and the second semester. I still had rare professional basic knowledge about the whole fashion industry and how it runs. What we learned from the Uni is still not enough because our subjects are combined with fashion design and marketing. I had lots of the questions in my mind how to be the fashion student and what should we know. The best way is to read during the extracurricular time. Reading the texts wether from the Internet or the paper books is the nice way to enrich my mind and soul. In addition, our library offers actually the professional new and expensive fashion studying books for students so that I just need to borrow some what I’m interested and observed the knowledge I’m eager for.

P.S. My Blog is going to be transformed from travel to fashion and start to write something more about high end fashion and the knowledge what I’ve learned. Below ist the first Haute Couture post:

DIOR Spring-Summer 2021 Haute Couture Film| Frühjahr-Sommer 2021





Cooking might be the best way to chill my mind. Somehow, I’m glad that I’m from Asia so that I know much better how to cook Asian food without any receipt. I was surprised  that the German friends around me love Asien food actually. Especially doing the dockdown time, people love to order SUSHI so much. I personally don’t like to order Asien food for take away because as I said I can cook better than lots of Asien restaurants here in Germany except doing Sushi by myself and I can save more money for searching more fresh abundant ingredients in my meal. I love cooking fried dumplings and make them like being served in the restaurant.

In the first harsh lockdown, those slogans like “Stay at Home” (hashtag #StayatHome) in English and Wir bleiben zu Hause (hashtag #WirbleibenzuHause)  in German were full of  the social media world between popular Influencers and governments. Restaurants were strictly closed except for takeaway. Only the supermarkets were allowed to open for people purchasing their daily products. During the time I cooked a lot. Not only western style but also the Chinese, Taiwanese and Japan style…Even though I was really afraid at that time trying not going out for at least one month, I did have fun cooking western and Asien styles in my kitchen killing the time.



COVID-19 (Corona) Lockdown in



First Lockdown: 22. March. 2020 (Der erste Lockdown in Deutschland)

People are not allowed to walk over three persons on the street; Cloth Shops (retails), Gym, restaurants, hair salon were all closed until the beginning of May. Only supermarkets or drug stores were opened.

Second Lockdown: 01.November.2020

People are more concerned to wear the masks in the public. Gym and restaurants were all closed. Cloth shops (retails) and hair salons, supermarkets or drug stores were opened.

Third Lockdown: 16. December 2020

On the other hand, this is the strictly second lockdown extension. Two family unit is allowed. Cloth Shops (retails), Gym, restaurants, hair salon are all closed , only supermarkets or drug stores are opened until now.






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