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3 Oct

My Oktoberfest Trip and Outfits | Munich |Germany

Love the way you are. I wore the fancy dirndl to meet my lovely friends in the afternoon and drank the beer in the cheerful beer Haus.




Hello my Dears,

Coming back to Munich (München) to attend the Oktoberfest was a totally accident. I’ve never expected I would be back in Milan to learn about more Fashion and contacted different people in this summer.

The flight from Milan to Munich just took one and half hour and everything seems so familiar as in my mind. I’ve stayed in this city before for 2 months (you can read my former posts but only some of them written in English) and had so much nice memories. I still remembered the teacher said that there are 5 seasons in Munich,  SPRING, SUMMER, OKTOBERFEST (Die WIESE), AUTUMN and WINTER. 

The weather in Munich was super gut. Finally I can speak the language I used to, right, it’s DEUTSCH. We ate the traditional German food for the dinner on the first day but I didn’t take pictures of me yet because my tired face. Inside of my heart, I couldn’t wait for the event to meet old friends.

Feeling Sun kissed. What a blessing on the weekend! No rains!! We took a little bit escape from the crowds of people in the Oktoberfest to the Schloss Nymphenburg. Thanks to my dear friend Natalija in Munich who gave me such a nice memory shooting in front the beautiful Palace.



Munich is actually a very beautiful city but I took this photo as UGLY  LOCATION Challenge on the third day. Actually, I just watched this kind of topic YouTube video recently after shooting this photo. Sometimes, this kind of normal background could create nice pictures unexpectedly. Maybe I should do this topic video, are you interested?

Dress: NA-KD



Oh! I forgot to mention my beautiful and nice quality Dirndl from KRÜGEL which made me feel like the princess on the day of Oktoberfest. I didn’t choose the pink ones but this ELSA Look which is combined with light purple blue and grey looks more elegant and chic. Wearing pink might look like a little girl because I have the bang right now.



I wore the fancy dirndl to meet my lovely friends in the afternoon and drank the beer in the cheerful beer Haus. Even though there were super crowds of people during this time, we still had fun playing the exciting facilities in the hilarious amusement park invited by Natalia’s boyfriend’s parents.  

The time flies so fast. Thanks to Natalia so that I had a wonderful fun night in the Oktoberfest event. Next year is a big challenge to me for a completely new start and I finally made my wishes come true after couple of years. I like the people who don’t complain their life and work so often and are brave enough to change anything. I always tell myself, being the positive person so that all the things blessed would always around you. 


Bis bald Deutschland !

(See you next time, Germany!)


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