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5 Aug

My Vintage Look book|Milan, Italy

During this period in Milan, I learn a lot. Never forget to appreciate what you have right now and the people who ever gave a hand to you, even just a little bit. I always keep those things in mind and be patient to wait for the new good lucks to come.




Hey My dears,

At the beginning of 2019, I noticed that the trend turned obviously to VINTAGE!  As you know, I’m quite a person who love vintage stuffs like floral pattern dress oder tartan / check style since my teenage. I love especially the 60-70 dressing style and even right now the elements all come back again in almost every shop.

Starting from a travel blogger to a fashion blogger or stylist is not easy and you know, fashion always changes a lot and fast, but I will try my best to share with you my styles and what I’ve noticed the trend in the future. So, let’s review my vintage looks in Milan!






1. Tartan/ Check


As you know, I’m the big fan of the Tartan/check, I have coats, paints, shirts, but just never tried the check mini-skirts. This year I love those skirts from  ASOS  so much and couldn’t help but looking at the website finding the best colors for the season.


2. Accessories


Actually, last year I already noticed some of the influencers wearing the pearl hair clips but had no idea where to buy this. This year these hair clips bloom until now and it become easier to buy in some of the shops even online! Not only the hair clips but also the exaggerated ear rings are popular, hair bands and cat-eye sunglasses as well. I bought a pair elegant ones from the antique market and will show you in my next videos.



3. Floral Dress


Floral printed dress is always my favorite in every season. But be careful, there are some tricks while picking the floral dress. Choosing the suitable color and pattern is really important, otherwise it’s easier to look older like a real grandma!


4. Puff Sleeve


It’s so happy to see the 80-90’s Puff Sleeve is back to the trend. My personal point of view that the classic puff sleeve representative is the wedding dress of princess Diana. The style is exaggerated but elegant like a dream.

Which vintage looks do you like the best? I hope you like what I shared!







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