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30 Jul

My Summer Looks in London| Mayfield Lavender |Perfect UK Trip

Most of the time, I like the nature. Where to find me? Let me show you…






Hello my Dears, 

It’s morning regards from London. So happy to be back without any rush and sleepy face as a flight attendant before.  I’m finally simply as a visiter and enjoyed the rarely nice summer weather and the lovely London-vibe shops.

I felt so happy to hang out with old and new career successful friends during this days in London, otherwise I would show you my travel in Alsfeld, Germany to attend the “Little Red Riding Hood Festival”, not London. Happy Sunday!

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Harvey Nichols



Happy moment on the top of Harvey Nichols eating the lobster meals was a such a luxury enjoyment.



Peggy Porschen Cakes



Feeling so happy sitting in this magical and fairy tale place. I just ordered a cup of Earl Grey Tea and a red velvet cupcake. Thanks to the nice weather in London. Couldn’t stop laughing.  What an awesome afternoon in this dreamy place. Happy Saturday!




Dominique Ansel London



Flowers and the the Sweet. 🍉So happy to pass by one of the the lovely bakeries in the world unexpectedly and tasted the famous watermelon ice cream.



Notting Hill



The movie from 1999. I was standing in front of the red painted book shop in the scene.Yesterday before going to sleep, I got a very exciting e-mail from my mail box. I would like to keep the secret for my 2019 plans until the time is right.





Fun night in London. I’m the person who rarely spend the party nights cause I really care about the daily healthy life. But I have to say this high-class place is my favorite ever in London at night with awesome music and the best drinks.


Mayfield Lavender



My first time to see such a beautiful lavender field. I could smell the natural Fragrance. You know what? My teenage’s favorite is lavender, I loved all kind of products with lavenders, tea, bath gel, essential oil…When I grew order, other flowers replaced as my favorite. It’s interesting to recall my memories. 



Smelling the fragrance of the lavender in the summer England is kind of mercy. Believe the magic. Cheers!



To sum up, I’ve never thought about this London trip was such a surprise as my first time visit before. Nice food, nice drinks, nice people, nice places…Slow down your steps and enjoy the life.


Let’s light up the sky!






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