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28 Jul

Summer looks and Travel in Genova | Italy

Gnova is so amazing so that I couldn’t help but looking all the flags above the main shopping street.





Hey my dears,

This post is about my short stay in Genova. Why I chose this city to be one of my summer vocation destinations? The reason is simple. I just saw the Instagram photos from my favorite travel blogger @pilotmadeleine walking under so many colorful umbrellas along the streets.  And I just checked the Flixbus from Milano to Genova took only 2 hours and the price is very cheerful without doubts. That’s it!

I know, there are so many beautiful cities in Italy waiting all of us to visit but I was not planing to go anywhere more 2 hours with the transportation on the weekend because there were still some projects in Milano and of course, I just want to stay in Milano to experience more and discover the exciting spots as my Youtube video resources as possible as I could.

It’s very interesting that the last day in Genova before coming back to Milano, a nice local guy showed me around this San Giorgio area as a tour guide for 15 min. and told me this is the oldest city in Europe. Can you believe that? It seems like I got the treasure and tumbled into an historical world but never heard before. Share with you guys the video form my channel and some pictures in this beautiful city.


De Ferrari



Finally in my dream city GENOVA. Yeees, I filled a lot of videos and try to do the whole series about my stories in #Milano. You might ask: Not back to #Germany? Yes, I will definitely come back, but let me experience the whole new culture and learn the Fashion Industry first.



A lazy morning eating my breakfast. I found the nice place in the corner which opens from morning to midnight. I ate the little fried stuff like croissant with Nutella and took a sip of cappuccino waiting until 12 o’clock and finally ordered the huge burger as my lunch. Oh! Genova is more than I thought and really worth to explore.



Open you mind to explore. Genova is so amazing so that I couldn’t help but looking all the flags above the main shopping street.



My heart is still in Summer. Italy in September is so warm not like the northern European countries and I love the weather here. Many of you might be curious why I didn’t post recently. I came home which is my country for a short time and didn’t want to be disturbed by any social media. Now, I’m back in Milan. Well, my final life destination is not Italy and I would like to keep the secret until I can make my next goal. No worries, I will share with you if I make it!


San Giorgio



What are you looking for? Walking in the old town with umbrella decorations. I’ve never thought about I one day I would be in Genova cause I came here without any reasons. Life is always full of surprises!


Where did I stay?


Genova is really worth to visit. I just got a little bit tanned in this summer, but I’m satisfied with it. I booked this Argentina House B&B from The surrounding is just closed to the downtown and it’s very convinient to go shopping on the main street or having a drink or coffee in the unknown lanes.






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