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20 Jul

Riomaggiore |Cinque Terre |Italy


Such a peaceful afternoon with the amazing ocean view. September in Cinque Terre was awesome, not so cool but not so hot. I could still feel the ocean’s recall.





Hello! My Dears,

Thanks for the concerns about my absence recently. I kept quiet for a quite long time because my laptop was being fixed for at least two weeks. If you are my loyal followers, you know me, I don’t like to post the photos just right from my iPhone except selfie so that I couldn’t work for either Blog or Vlog. Both of them had to take a long break.

On the other hand, I was just too busy to prepare the IELTS tests in order to get the good scores and need to concentrate on writing some Travel articles for SNOWL POST without being disturbed by any social media. Now, I’m back to Instagram and I’m looking forward to share with you guys my daily inspirations.




September in Cinque Terre was awesome, not so cool but not so hot. I could still feel the ocean’s recall. I’ve been here twice. First time was so rush running from one place to the another in such a short time. This time, I only stayed in this lovely one and walked slowly to enjoy the beauty.



I love this look and enjoyed a little bit time on the balcony in the morning. It seems like I were in the 60-70 vintage post. I’m the big fan for VICTORIA’S SECECT especially for the bikini. What a pity this V.S won’t produce the bikini anymore and this swimsuit could be the last collection. I really love this lavender color with the printed floral style to look cute and sexy.



Well, Cinque Terre is always special for me. One day stayed in Riomaggiore is enough because I’ve been to Vernazza and Monarola before, so, no more other four villages. And I think Riomaggiore is the best one to kill the whole day time eating the fantastic Italian local seafood while seeing the spectacular ocean view.  

Before going back to Milano, we just found the place to play the water under the cliff. At that moment, I was watching the glittery ocean waves in front of me while taking the selfie. 

I don’t wanna end up the summer, and let me keep dreaming in the lazy paradise.  


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