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18 May

A Transformation | Spring Lavender Look | Taipei |Taiwan

Life needs to be changed. 




Hey my Dears,

Throw back my life stories in spring. This year is a new transformation of my life and I really appreciate it. Family and friends always encourage me to make a break through. Couple years ago, I had no ideas about FASHION, I mean, I love to dress up since childhood but I don’t really know what fashion means behind.



ASIAN Looks and WESTERN Looks are different and I started to know just couple years ago. For me, I love personally to dress up with European Style mixed Japanese textile, elegant but cute, and sometimes sexy.  As you see in this post is the typical Japanese girl style with a doll look. I love especially the waist design of this lavender over length skirt.

I’m very happy even though I’m not the flight attendant anymore, the friendship between some of my former colleagues is still remained as besties. Many people asked me if I miss my flying life before? Absolutely NOT. Life needs to move on. If there are something we really wanna do in our next stage, why we have to entertain our (Instagram) followers to keep flying and post photos to pretend we are so happy flying ALONE around the world?

My life needs to be changed. Only leaving the place, I can keep pursuing my goal. If you don’t leave in 3-5 years of your flying life, it’s absolutely hard to leave and completely get out of this society without any professional knowledge. Hey, if you are the boss, who wants to know how many countries you have been to, where to eat and what to buy and how well you can operate the cabin doors in the airplane.

Being a flight attendant was a wonderful and nice experience and I totally enjoyed it and appreciated I would ever have this job, somehow, my goal and my heart is not loyal forever in aviation. Thanks to the god of luckiness, it’s time to leave and I finally made my dream come true for the first step of Fashion Industry.


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