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15 Apr

First Time in Milan | Winter Looks| Italy

Duomo di Milano, the outstanding and representative Goethe architetture in Milan. Life so far is so incredible. Be the happy one as usual. What do you think of the truth of the life? All we have to do is trust ourselves and make any effort. The  fantastic Journey keeps going on.






Hey Dears,

It’s been a long time again not updating this blog to report my recent life. You may notice from my Instagram  photos that I stayed in Milan, this fashion city,  for quite a long time and the way to perform my style changed obviously at the beginning of this year.

Simple is More. Since I decide to move forward to fashion industry, the first thing is to make my blog look chic and simple definitely in order to change more from a travel blogger to a fashion blogger style. Now, stayed tune, new style youtube videos and blogposts are coming soon. I will keep sharing with you lots of my stories this year in Milan in this Blog and Youtubeas well. I lope you will like it!


學習當個時尚人並不容易,挑選和拍攝照片更加仔細,開始寫雙語的文章內容,為的是能夠讓其他國家的朋友也可以欣賞我所看見的世界與個人觀點。自從開始幫SNOWL POST撰稿之後,更是懂的怎麼將自己的blog以雜誌的風格呈現,簡單重點就好,讀者看了也賞心悅目。



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DUOMO di Milano



Enjoy the sunshine. So far, I am really appreciated what I’ve experienced in my life. It seems like a miracle journey. Let’s get started!


Roof Top



On the top of the Cathedral, the view is so amazing to describe. The weather in these days were so lovely to be sun kissed. The view looked from the top let me think about “Alter Peter” in #Munich. Be stronger like the sculpture in the picture.


Encountered the Fashion Week



I like to dress up since childhood, but I just started to know a little bit knowledge of those high fashion brands during the period as a flight attendant. And I just learned this industry very late because I didn’t think it’s my world before.


Many people asked me how could I offer the travel budget? I always saved the money and time to go shopping for the luxury bags especially in Europe because I had not too much material desires. I saved my travel budget while living and working as a flight attendant in Taipei.

Paying the cheap rent and the beauty care routine for the cheapest price, eating the fancy restaurants only one or twice per month. During these years, I bought lot of advanced cameras in order to take wonderful pictures as travel memories for this blog instead.


Many people come to Milan in order to visit the cathedral and fashion shows. The four famous fashion shows are separately located in New York, Paris, Milan and London. I didn’t expect I would encounter the fashion week during the time I just arrived. I just realized it has began on the second day of the Milan Fashion Week and would like to see what’s exactly going on, but there are some outfits at home were not being taken with me.  Thanks God I just fund this fake fur jacket was suitable for the mustard color outfit.


I always thought Fashion Week takes place in one building included different brands. I WAS TOTALLY WRONG! One brand is held in one place, that means if you want to rund all the brands in the fashion week is not easy and take time if you don’t take a taxi but use the pubic transportation. I suddenly found the Italian brand ALBERTA FERRETTI which is popular between many cerebrates and pop stars.

以前我一直以為時裝週就是在一個定點,然後每天各大品牌走秀,其實錯了!原來各個品牌的場次都位在不同的地點舉行,像這次Gucci就位在城市周圍太遠了,因此,要把所有品牌都跑一圈,是有一定的困難度。於是無意間來到這義大利當地服飾品牌ALBERTA FERRETTI 的秀場,離市中心比較近,對,聽都沒聽過,卻是很多明星愛穿的品牌。

This show took place in the beautiful private villa which the garden is open for everyone without any invitation. You can take a walk as long as you wish. It doesn’t like other big brand like Prada is held in the protected building and you can see nothing.


There are so many young persons who are just normal students dressing very fashionable standing along the path watching the celebrities entering the show entrance. I just observed if you dress too normal or without any fashion elements, you would be ignored in this place. I felt so happy because I just stood there watching something new and was being asked by some photographers to take picture. I don’t know if I would have the opportunities to attend such fashion shows in the future. It’s a great experience during my stay in Milan anyway.








這裡的人相較於義大利其他城市或是羅馬,相對而言沒這麼熱情,男人不會沒事走在路上,用調情的口氣跟妳說Ciao! Bella!之類的話,但我覺得這樣很好。德國朋友說,米蘭人很像德國人,我也覺得這裡某種程度很像慕尼黑,但慕尼黑又是比整個德國除了柏林之外更熱情一點的地方。



Italian Gelato (Ice-cream)



150 years old icecream Savini made my day. Eating Ice cream is like the same way when drinking bubble tea in Taiwan. It’s common to see the ice cream shops everywhere; likewise, bubble tea shops are common in every corner in Taiwan.

Ciocaolat is popular as well! Of course, there are so many nice ice cream shops around Duomo are so delicious. I will share with you more in the nest blog posts and Youtube videos soon!




Galleria Vittorio Emanuele



So incredible inside of this fantastic Galleria Vittorio Emanuele building. I am overwhelmed by those classic decorations.


Standing in front of one of my favorite brands. Milan is really a city of all kinds of high fashion and new collections arrive so fast almost every day.

Marchesi is my favorite boutique café sponsored by PRADA.  I love the elegant atmosphere, and It seems like unreal inside, right?


 Castello Sforzesco



As you see those pictures, I was in the Castello Sforzesco which is constructed in the late 15 century. I just bought a cup of take-away cappuccino from Van Bol & Feste bakery café outside of the castle before entering the castle. It’s interesting, even you come here in the morning, there are always so many people taking pictures sitting around this beautiful fountain like the same phenomenon in front of the Duomo.

After passing through the castle, there is a huge park named Parco Sempione Park like a central park in New York which is a nice place for the locals to take a walk and have some activities. This is one of my top secret place to find a chair sitting on to enjoy the sunshine especially in the nice weather. You can also keep walking directly to the other famous spot: Arco della Pace.

That was my first time visit and the first month during my stay in Milan. Everything was brand new for me and it seems like there are still lots of magical places expected to be explored. Life is like a play and you will never now what is going to be shown in the next episode. Two months before I arrived in Milan, I had no idea I would have the chance to live in this fashion city for a long time. Meeting some awesome people who is really professional and diligent and fight for their life. Therefore, I started to know Fashion more and it’s not just simply a way to afford luxury brands but marketing and merchandising behind.

Well, sipping the coffee without thinking anything for a moment in the park would be the greatest mercy to clear up the messy mind. Life needs to keep moving on, but lovely memories are still remained. No matter what, I am still a blessed and fortunate person and thank for everything I was fighting for. LOVE YOUR LIFE.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

位在紅線Cairoli站的經典地標,斯福爾扎古堡 (Castello Sforzesco)前的美麗噴泉,穿過中世紀古堡後別有洞天,竟然是一大片如紐約中央公園般的綠地是森皮奧內公園 (Parco Sempione Park),也是米蘭人散步的好地方,過了公園之後則也是著名的景點:和平之門(Arco della Pace),非常有巴黎凱旋門的味道。


我在古堡外的烘培咖啡館Van Bol & Feste隨意買了一杯卡布奇諾,聽這裡的朋友說,義大利人其實很少外帶咖啡,他們寧願坐下來一分鐘把咖啡喝完,優雅地享受片刻,也不要像紐約客一樣邊走邊喝。這裡的咖啡館非常奇妙,你可以看到咖啡館可以同時賣麵包、咖啡、調酒,最重要的是『冰淇淋』!這在德國和奧地利是見不到的,各國文化的差異的確是很奇妙。






Happy Chinese New Year!



In this post I would like to share with you my Chinese Restaurant experiences in Milan. Even though this blog will turn most of the contents to fashion in the future, lifestyle is still remained as the core of this blog because it’s my life!

I swear I haven’t been to so many Chinese Restaurants in such a short time, I mean, in couple of months especially in Europe. My main purpose is to visit some nice Italian restaurants but some of my Chinese friends always love to invite me to Chinese restaurant. They said, it’s too boring to eat pasta and pizza all the time. That’s the reason why I write this post.

Since I traveled many countries in Europe, I don’t like to order in an Asian Restaurant. Most of them for me are fake, I mean, if you enter a Japanese restaurant, there are Chinese food and Thai food included and so on. I am not a super gourmet, but you know where I actually come from, Taiwan, so that’s why I know how it tastes close to our real cuisine. I couldn’t find the similar tastes in other counties in Europe, only in Milan.

In Milan, there are most traditional and wonderful Chinese food with very cheap price. In addition, this city even has a huge long China Town and there are so many Italian even love to visit so often. There are even a parade during the Chinese New Year holidays. I will show you in my upcoming Youtube video. So, the following are some nice restaurants except the China Town.





Blu Blu Blu


Blu Blu Blu is the luxury Italian seafood restaurant. All the dishes are so delicious and I have to say the ice desserts are especially awesome. Peach ice-cream is put into a real peach, banana is the same way and so on.







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