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14 Apr

About Me ? | My Lookbook in Kaohsiung | Taiwan

You will never know, there is a surprise waiting for you. Happy as always. Think positive and good things will turn towards you. 






Hello! Dears,

This is my second English post about my life in Taiwan. Let’s talk about the Instagram first. I know most of  the photos I posted in the Instagram are not close to the “reality”, most of  them are about “Travel”.  Not too much about “what I am doing right now” like other Taiwanese girls’ posts. It doesn’t mean I don’t want to share my daily life. But you know, since I finally know how to manage Instagram as other western Instagram bloggers last year,  I decided to focus on Travel, Fashion, Lifestyle, 3 simple but not easy Topics

Instagram started to be popular in my country very late, lots of my friends from my school don’t even have an account. On the contrary, Facebook has still a huge using populations. Different Cultures like different ways showing photos in the Instagram or Facebook. In my country, they are “not” very interested in scenery photos without person or the person looks small in the picture if you post it all the time. Most people like to see “Selfie”with “Murmur” words especially from the pretty girls, and the “Food”photos! I know for sure, but I don’t like to do that all the time. That’s why I gain followers from my country very slowly 😛

I have a lot of inspirations for shooting and my passion for fashion while traveling, and I just like to share to the public are all my personal style and ideas, not just my private life. I’m doing something international step by step so that I started to write English posts as well, not just wanna “show off” my language skills. It’s happy to hear people from the other world who love to read and understand what I shared.

For most of the people in my country, my travel histories might look WOW! but for the real and great travelers, my records might seem nothing. At least, it’s all about my life. People in my country have rarely opportunities to go abroad so ofen like us. Most of them might go to Europe for only 10-15 days once in their entire life, this trip is usually for Honeymoon. What is the next time to visit Europe? The time they might get retired after 60-65 years old because there are just a few annual leaves for people to use in my country. That’s one of the reasons why I decided to be a flight attendant.

Since I started my Youtube Channel (Follow me! My Account is @gwanmia), it’s been a long time not to talk and share with you here, I mean, in this blog. And as you know, I was busy sharing my oversea experiences as a flight attendant but rarely share my personal private life in my country, Taiwan to all of you.

Establishing a channel is not easy, I am not a person who intends to be a popular fashion/travel blogger or youtuber at the beginning. It’s just my hobby. Well, I have to say, making videos really has a lots of fun but it takes a lot of time as well. However, I leaned a lot from some experiences and other persons to make a quality video.

To be honest, some videos what I posted so far are actually not the satisfied ones even though they took me couple of days to edit, but they were indeed my “only” dynamic memories because I didn’t intend or had any thoughts to make a whole youtube video before and I didn’t know how to start. Even though I have a lot of perfect pictures in my camera, I had only a few videos. Nevertheless, I still try my best to make those parts as complete memories.

I don’t know where are you from any social media, Instagram, Facebook or Youtube to find my blog. Thank you guys sitting in front of the laptop reading this blog who provide me more energies to share more. I will still keep posting my life series videos and new journey posts as well. Below are some parts of my true leisure time in Kaohsiung. Let’s keep in touch!


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You will never know, there is a surprise waiting for you.



Dome of the Light



Colorful Lights. This is the amazing Metro Station in my hometown which is the biggest glass art named “Dome of Light” in the world. The ceiling is too huge to take the whole view and we also encountered the light show at that moment.

I rarely post photos in Taiwan because I’m not always at home. But I can say in Taiwan you can find the most delicious restaurants and cheapest food along the streets. And there are indeed lots of beautiful places I’ve already visited in my childhood. I’m thinking about to make some YouTube videos about Taiwan not only Europe, are you interested?


Dragon and Tiger Towers



Happy as always. Think positive and good things will turn towards you. Behind me are the Dragon and Tiger Towers, and you can walk inside of their bodies from the head to the tails. Share with you the beauty of my hometown.  




Lovely Corner



I just came across a lovely corner which is decorated with so many plants and flowers as if I were in Europe!

Kaohsiung is my favorite city in Taiwan. FOOD is Delicious and Cheap and I love the vibes and weather which is much x1000 better than Taipei. (Sadly, My Study and Working periods were both in Taipei which is the capital.) In Kaohsiung, you just need to wear the T-shirt even in winter and feel so comfortable with the Breeze because it rains not too much in winter which is what I love.





Thanks to let me fly to Brisbane, Australia which is located in the South Hemisphere this month. I finally got the Tammy Embroidered Bomber Jacket with pretty color which is popular in the last Season but quickly out of stock in other countries.Sometimes, if you don’t eager for something so badly, one day they will show up as surprises unexpectedly. Happy Friday!

車工細緻的back to School花鳥刺繡外套,在台灣找不到,在其他國家也很快售空,晚一季飛澳洲(南半球)的好處是,可以買到上一季超想要卻沒買到的流行單品,超級開心。很多時候,沒有特別想要的東西,它們就會在一個適合的時間點意外地出現,你們是不是也有相同的經驗呢?



Elementary School Wooden Chair Forest. So happy to meet up with my lovely girl who also loves photography soon. We had lots of fun last time.




Attending Wedding outfit last weekend. In real life, I was super under Stress these days because of the annual Training so that I couldn’t update any new blogposts. Finally, three-days-training tests were finished and I got the qualification for the next one year! So happy right now!



Trattoria Venti



Good morning! Photo before yesterday standing in front of the fancy Italian restaurant. I can feel the breeze of the Spring. Life is like a miracle, it depends on what you think and what you do. What’s your plan for spring?



Talk to Yourself



Hey! Dears. I finally restarted the Yoga and Latin Aerobic courses yesterday. It’s always important for me to keep fit. I had so much fun and positive energies. Life is good as you start your motivation. I just came back from my ZUMBA and Yoga classes and feel a lot of energies right now.

Few days ago, I was just inspired by the Global CEO of Georg Jensen named Eva-Lotta Sjöstedt on the TV Chat Show. Knowing how to talk to yourself is very important while doing the meditation as a daily work. Now, I know the magical feeling and can’t wait to share with you. I believe everything will go smoothly. Good night!

前幾天,無意間看了電視專訪Georg Jensen的全球CEO Eva-Lotta Sjöstedt,原來真的一個成功的人是會每天靜下來跟自己對話,找到心中最根本的答案。記得,一個事業很成功的朋友,也曾經這樣跟我說過同樣的話,




Don’t ask the meaning of life, you define it!



Ape’s Hill



Love & Peace. This is a sign of LOVE on the Ape’s Hill in Kaohsiung which is my hometown as well. People can see the whole city view from the top.




Mini Burger


Standing in front of my friend’s new handmade burger restaurant. If you come to visit Kaohsiung, welcome to enjoy the delicious creative mini burger here.







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A girl who loves Fashion, Travel, Photography or anything Beautiful. She can speak Mandarin, English and German. She started to create her own personal blog website in order to keep recording her amazing stories and share her passions. Follow @gwanmia and give her more feedbacks if you like it!

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