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13 Apr

Amsterdam to Munich| Summer Holidays

Amsterdam in summer! After my 10 days Morocco Trip, we took the flight from Casablanca to Amsterdam and stayed in this city for very short 24 hours. There is no reason to resist the best season in Europe and that’s what I actually really want to experience.







Hey My Dears,

You know what? Even Morocco was amazing but most of the time it’s still easy to feel or touch the tiny dust around. As we arrived in Amsterdam and stepped into the very simple but clean wooded decorated double room, we finally could really relax ourself and took the hot shower even in the very modern style hotel MEININGER Hotel Amsterdam City West.

The feeling is exactly the same when I came back from Argentina as a backpacker last year with so much dust on my body but my heart was full of joy and laughter. Just because such a big contrast would make people cherish the life more they have right now.

I have to say seriously, we don’t want to leave that even simple but the cleanest room compared with the rooms in Morocco and we wanna sleep on the soft and white sheet covered bed as long as we could but time waits for nobody. What we have to do is not to waste even three hours to walk around the city.

Long time ago, I visited Amsterdam twice working as a flight attendant but always encountered the extremely freezing cold and windy winter and sometimes caused headache afterwards. So, my tiny wish for a long time is to enjoy the sunshine especially in spring or summer in Amsterdam.

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Well, I know, three hours was too short to exactly explore the city but it was already enough for me. My top wish to visit Amsterdam is to see the tulip field in Spring so that’s not a big deal this time cause after Amsterdam I have to head to Munich directly which is my favorite city in Germany for 5 days.

Wow! It’s a non-stop trip from Morocco – Amsterdam – Munich and I didn’t make any plans after Morocco to push myself under so much pressures in order to see so much sight seeing spots in a super short time. Just walked into a restaurant which offered seats outside and enjoyed the best season and chatting with the people closed to me was a great mercy. Looking at the different types of people from all over the world walking on the main street in front of you could be lots of fun. The great relaxing moment is inside of your heart and it depends on how you define it.






Amsterdam Airport Schiphol



I was taking KLM which is one of my favorite airlines in the world. I always love the nice service and warm hospitality they provide to make me feel comfortable during any flight. The Sunset moment is so amazingly beautiful before landing in Munich.







How amazing it is to experience the summer in Munich (München). Hanging out with friends and drinking the beer in these days had so much fun!

I didn’t do too much in this summer vocation in Munich after my 10 days Morocco Trip. As you might already read my last post, I was in Amsterdam for 24 hours so that’s  why I was totally exhausted. My main reason was to meet Natalia who is my best friend in Munich and other friends. That’s already enough to kill the time of my holidays and I already visited almost the sightseeing spots in this beautiful city in the amazing season during my long stay.

I really love to wear off-sounder crop top especially this white lace one. You can simply just wear the jeans and the high sandals and it looks perfect! I was walking on the streets around Marian-Platz before meeting my friend. Oh! It was so nice to come back this lively place and I would love to live here for the rest of my life! Maybe, one day.


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Cheers to my incredible life so far,





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