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12 Apr

Spring Looks | Vienna | Austria

Schloss Schönbrunn is a former Imperial summer residence especially for the Habsburg monarchs for over 300 years re-constructed by Queen Maria Theresa in 1743.



Schloss Schönbrunn



My dears,

Good morning! Life is like a miracle. Don’t you think so?

I would love to go Keukenhof to admire the most beautiful Tulips garden in the world, but it’s a pity that I didn’t have any flights during this beautiful season to Netherland. Nevertheless, I had a Vienna flight which is one of my favourite destinations in Europe. The Schloss Schönbrunn garden might be the vivacious full of the spring flowers as well, I guessed.

As I expected, every corner of the Schloss Schönbrunn was so magical. The tree walls in the garden are actually a maze behind. And I was surrounded by the beautiful purple flowers named wisteria at the entry of the garden and It seems like I were in the fantastic dream world wearing the embroidery dress. Moreover, the garden will be changed and decorated with huge amount of roses in a completely new look and I wish i could come back here again.

How to be there? Take the subway Green Line 4 directly to Schönbrunn.

Schloss Schönbrunn is a former Imperial summer residence especially for the Habsburg monarchs for over 300 years re-constructed by Queen Maria Theresa in 1743. In the palace museum, you can see the bedroom of some living detail of the famous and legend Queen Sissi and the King Franz Josef. If you are more interested in the stories of Sissi, you can just visit the Sissi Museum in Hofburg. I believe you will fall in love with this inspired woman.

I walked slowly with excitement upon to the top of the hill with my black high heel boots on the way to the gorgeous Gloriette. Those amazing decorations of the fountains are related to the Greek mythology characters and the whole garden view looking from the top is always breathtaking.  I didn’t order the coffee to stay inside of the café but chose to sit on the grass while admiring the sun was falling down before disappeared in the horizon.





美泉宮 (Schloss Schönbrunn),在神聖羅馬帝國時期、奧地利帝國、奧匈帝國和巴布斯堡王朝家族的皇宮,位在維也納西南部,在1743年,當時的奧地利女皇瑪麗亞.特蕾莎下令將「美泉」這一地區建造成巴洛克式的皇宮和花園,面積僅次於法國的凡爾賽宮。


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皇宮內展出的主要是當時最令人津津樂道的Sissi公主與國王法蘭克約瑟夫以及女皇瑪麗亞.特蕾莎起居室為主,更想要了解西西公主的成長故事與宮廷禮服等,可以再到霍夫堡內專門的西西博物館 (Sissi Museum),相信對時這傳奇性的人物,當時歐洲最美的西西公主會有更多的了解。



記得那時在紫藤花園內拍這系列的時候,一個會說中文的歐爸在一旁疑惑地問:「怎麼漂亮的正臉不拍,反而要拍背影呢?」(我os:劇情需要,誤) 大概也是從那次開始,才意識到原來有一段期間被Instagram影響,拍了太多的意境照,反而失去了當時自己在旅行中真實的笑容。











Parliament ,this spectacular white giant Architecture of 13,500 square meter was acknowledged as the World Cultural and Natural Heritage. It is just located upon the the entry of the” Volkstheater” station which is one of my favorite spots in Vienna. Every time I came back to this area it always reminded me of the happiest student time on the way to the Uni.

There are always S-Bahn on the both sides of the road coming ad going around the first district which develops a popular tourist circle line. In German, the locals call this route is “Wiener Ring”combined with the gorgeous Baroque and Gothic architectures.

If you are standing in front of the Parliament, you will see, for example, Volksgarden, Homburg and both the Art History Museum and Natural History Museum and go further are Staatsoper and Stephansdom on the right hand side. On the other hand, there are Volkstheater, Rathausplatz and University of Vienna on the left.

Why Parliament is the most particular one? Because this Architecture was conducted to imitate Parthenon in Athen and there is a huge sculpture of Athena wearing the golden helmet and taking golden Halberd shining as a star especially under the bright blue sky. The small fountain with the Greek mythology characters is under the sculpture.

Even though it looks like a tourist sightseeing spot, inside of this building, it looks glorious as well with all the golden classic Greek style decorations. In addition, there are actually over 100 formal conference rooms for the national Austrian councils and it is even a place where a national ceremony takes place.

Parliament is opened from Monday to Friday at 8:30 to 18:30 pm and on Saturday at 09:30 to 14:30.

It is allowed to visit in side of the Parliament as like Rathaus (city hall) for free, but you have to make the reservation first and follow the personal guide and under the instructions to visit the rooms. Moreover, there  is a time limit which means you cannot stay as long as you wish like visiting a museum.

When I was walking on the way from Parliament to the museum area in the afternoon, I unexpectedly encountered there was a electric music activity like a street party from 3 pm to 10 pm on the Maria Theresien Platz between the art history museum and natural history museum. How big contrast it is! People were with friends together chatting and sitting on the graces and drinking beer. Miss the life and everything in Europe.















Hello Spring Hundertwasserhaus!

Walking in front of the Fairy Tale Apartment which is my favourite sightseeing spot in Vienna and i didn’t want to wake up in this colourful dream. I might Look very “Girly” recently just because I could not resist of the pretty Spring and the coming Summer dresses! Actually, I’m the Jeans big fan outside the screen.

百水公寓,我在維也納最愛的百水公寓,終於看到春天的模樣。不想從夢裡醒來。相信到過維也納的人,應該去過那五彩繽紛又可愛的百水公寓(Hunderwasser Haus)吧?

“The straight line does not exist in nature”, Mr. Hundertwasser said. He was one of my favourite architects and there are some specific architectures not only in Vienna and Austria but also in other European countries. I really appreciate his creation and imagination for creating all the unusual architectures with colourful painting and Mosaic tiles combined as an incredible art work.

百水先生 (Hundertwasser)是我在學生時期最喜歡的藝術家之一,不只在維也納,在奧地利境內以及歐洲其他國家也都有他獨特風格的建築創作。我也愛上百水先生所秉持的「自然界裡沒有直線」的理念,欣賞他的鬼斧神工以及無與倫比的想像力與創造力,從他手中塑造的所有東西都宛如在童話世界一般,可以用幾何圖形及繽紛的色彩,創作出獨一無二的作品,彷彿進入童話世界,令人讚嘆並覺得不可思議。


How to go there?

Just take the red line U1 or orange line U3 to Stephansdom and transit to the green line U4 to Schwedenplatz. Take the Straßenbahn Nr. 1 to Hetzgasse by walking for 1 Min., and you will find this magical place.


地鐵綠線U4 Schwedenplatz 站或是橘線U3 Volkstheater站 (路面電車的站名是 Burggasse),搭1號路面電車Hetzgasse下車,步行1分鐘。基本上,只要在環形觀光路線任何有1號路面電車的站都可以上車,就會看見傳說中的百水公寓。





Hundertwasser Village



Even though the management of the Hundertwasserhaus seems very commercial, but the “Karl Village” which consists of some souvenir shops makes this place more attractive because inside of the village looks like another fairy tale world you don’t even want to leave.

儘管百水公寓的外觀經營很商業化,對面的百水村莊 (Hundertwasser Village),是紀念品小店與休憩的地方,走進去都是百水先生的設計風格,撇開商業化來說,每間小店都長得不一樣,同樣是不規則的造型,彷彿進入童話世界一樣很不真實。


Kunsthaus Wien


Let’s go forward to the next building on the same street. There is a “Kunsthaus Wien” with the black and withe checks tiles displayed the art works from Hundertwasser inside. If you are the person who are interested in modern art. Congratulations! you will fall in love with this magical place. The wave design on the ground is also atttractive.

If you don’t have to time to visit the exhibition, you can just go around the shop to find some particular paintings or postcards you like the most.  Most of the works are painted with curve and swirl style and even with the silver colour to be seemed as the abstract painting. Don’t forget there are actually some environmental expression behind each postcard.

藏身在街角的維也納藝術館(Kunsthaus Wien),裡面展示著百水先生的天馬行空的畫作。如果你是喜歡現代藝術的人或許會對這些創作很感興趣。走進藝術館的地面也是呈現如海浪般形狀,裡面的gift shop全是令人眼睛為之一亮的畫作與明信片,琳瑯滿目,我之前買了幾張明信片,要翻到背面才會知道其中的涵意,很有意思。



12 Horoscope Paintings


Keep walking and you will find something to surprise you!  There is a long painting wall on the other side of the building are the specific 12 horoscope with cute paining around the corner.



Incinerator in Spittelau


How to go there?

Take the Green line to Spittelau, you will find the incinerator created by Hundertwasser as well.


Over couple of decades ago, Mr. Hunderwassert had already put high attention on the environmental issue at the time people were not aware of to make such a normal incinerator become a great art work. Now, the incinerator still works but attracts the tourist for a visit as well.






Sometimes, we cannot ignore “What Tourist Must Do”but I do love to go around in Stadtpark and visit this “Jahann Strauss” golden Statue. That’s why Vienna is called the City of the Music! Did you see the little girl who is more stylish than me while taking the picture?

I didn’t expect there were local activities in Stadtpark and would just went around to take a picture. But I found some of the food stands were so popular selling their traditional handmade dishes and attracted the huge amount of people waiting for a long time.

I ordered “Kitschkrainer” which is special grilled sausage and “Kinder Himbeer Bowie” which means the strawberry cocktail. Finally, I found a place on the grass to sit down to have my personal picnic time.

想說很久沒到市立公園走一走,身後的小妹妹站在圓舞曲之父 – 約翰史特勞斯的小金人雕像旁,她的pose的氣勢完全大贏過我。



Zum Bettelstudent




Graben St.



I was so happy about the E-mail I got from the company. The title is the best service award. What I covered is my name. That was last flight from Vienna back to Taipei, and a passenger wrote a compliment letter to admire my service in flight. But I couldn’t remember what I’ve done and whom I talked to? I just do what I should do.






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