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11 Apr

A sweet tooth or not? |Taipei Life | Taiwan

There are different kinds of topic Cafés or Afternoon Tea places for girls in Taipei which are designed for girls to take pictures. Let me share with you my leisure time in Taipei.






Hey my Dears,

Wow, this could be my first English blogpost about my life in Taiwan on this new blog website.

If you already read ABOUT ME,  you might know I come from Taiwan which is the small country close to Mainland China, and I am living right now in Taipei, the capital of Taiwan. Many of you might only know about the highest tower TAIPEI 101. Even though I am busy flying around the world, I still try to spend time to explore this city on my days-off.

It’s really interesting to see there are so many different kinds of Western style Café and exotic restaurants around the corner in Taipei, especially European Style . It’s common for lots of Taiwanese girls dressing pretty to stay in a fancy café or a special exotic restaurant chatting with friends for the whole afternoon in the leisure time and then go home, neither in the gym nor in the bar/clubbing . The life style is quite different from the Western. But I found it amazing that I can switch my thinking and attitude easily between Asian and European Cultures because of my study background.

In my private life, I am just an ordinary girl and live a simple life. You know, the truth of most of the flight attendants life is only sleeping, sleeping and sleeping at home on the days-off. Just kidding. 😛

Do I love party? Of course! But Jet lag and unregular working time hurt our bodies enough, it’s better to have a regular and healthy lifestyle if I keep doing this job, like riding bicycle or doing some sports to keep fit.

For me, I’m not a big fan of being a sweet tooth. But hanging out with some friends that you didn’t see for a long time, café would be the best choice. Eating the delicious french desserts and drink a cup of fruit ice tea/coffee in such a hot summer to enjoy the comfortable atmosphere in a lovely store. Especially, it would be a perfect spot to take some nice pictures with the outfits.

I started to know my beautiful friend Hana who has high English language skill in our Chinese Teaching Course last year. Since I came back from Germany to Taiwan, we haven’t seen each other for over one year. When we met in front of the store, we screamed and hugged cause we were so happy to see each other again. She is a really sweet girl and cared about my daily life from my Instagram photos when I was staying in Munich. And she always encourages me to persuade  my dreams as long as I could.

Let the life move on! I try my best to write both Chinese and English versions when it comes to something interning about my life in Taiwan.

Happy Friday!


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As you can see the reflection from the window of this café PINÈDE, that is the typical street sight in Taiwan.

夏日炎熱的午後,點了PINÈDE 彼內朵法式蛋糕店內招牌的起司蛋糕,以及蔓越莓冰茶,度過和好姐妹短暫的相聚時光。


Attending Weddings



Attending a lovely and nice wedding from one of my China Airline Classmates.




It seems like a music band live show. My beautiful bestie Lesley. She just came back from Sydney this morning! And I just came back from a short flight in the midnight to attend the Wedding. We are super girls, Right?America’s next top model? No, they are all my China Airlines cabin crew classmates. But where is the Bride?


I was attending a wedding and got a special present from the bride two days ago. And you can see the view of Taipei city from the top next to Taipei 101. So happy for her to find the happiness. What a nice day chatting with old friends together. Thank you my dear.






Rarely have time to enjoy the Weekend in my country. Thanks God, I had a wonderful French Brunch with my lovely friend today, but I still have serious jet lag back from L.A.





Pâtisserie Alex



Let’s go back to the title. This time, I would not introduce you like a gourmet how those desserts taste in Pâtisserie Alex, but it’s really a “girly” place suitable for girls chatting all the time. What I was wearing is a simple look:  Off sholder White Crop Top with jeans and the black and white striped high heels. Kind of sexy but casual. I came here last summer with my best friend Ting-Ting from the school and she told me she’s going to get married! Wow, how lovely to hear the good news. She and her fiancé were being together for 11 years.

The wedding was great and taken place in November last year. She is now having a baby and going to be a mommy. Guess what? I’m going to be the bridesmaid for the other best friend Lesley in my Airline Company this year. So excited and I will definitely share with you my bridesmaid dressing style. Wish you who read this post will be happy in the future as well!






—The Shop is closed 已停業 —

Photo of today. If you already read my blogpost about my life in Taipei before, you might know there’re many “girly” cafés built only for girls to take pictures. So many flower stuffs in this store.

I met this amazing girl in our first Guam overnight flight. There were too much funny and crazy stories that both of us would never forget. We love adventures and traveling. The most important is, we have the same courages to explore the world as possible as we could. Love you my dear. It’s my honor to be your true friend.








Come to Taiwan and I will show you the best Taiwanese Breakfast! Since I was always on the way around the world, the simple happiness is actually to have a regular life. It dosen’t mean I don’t love traveling anymore, I just want to create most travel memories with someone I love together, not always floating and floating alone. By the way, I love my half bun style today. Do you like it?





Botanirus Lab



Don’t pinch me. As what I said in my last English blogpost about the life in Taipei, there are different kinds of topic Cafés or Afternoon Tea places for girls. Just had some fun in this interesting “dry flower store”, drinking milk tea with dry lavender, eating cakes with dry roses and chatting with a lovely friend to spend a nice afternoon.




 CHANTEZ Pâtisserie


Are you a person who would like to try new creative desserts? What I ate is the western sweet crackers with sweet stick rice balls 🍡as a sandwich. The green one is Japanese mocha🍵 favour. Thanks for a lovely afternoon with my beautiful friend Hana.

謝謝美麗的朋友Hana找到這間這麼可愛的店:穿石CHANTEZ Pâtisserie ,抹茶湯圓和千層酥餅乾結合的三明治創意甜點,讓我想起上次吃的雞蛋糕仔冰淇淋三明治,最近好像流行這種三明治類的甜點,總之,吃是其次,最喜歡的還是好姐妹的聊天時光。



Outfit of Today like a Paris girl. Grey and mental colour are this season’s popular colours. I love everything sparkling in this season. How about you?







Happy Sunday with my bestie eating “All You Can Eat” Japanese hot pot restaurant. in such a cold weather before yesterday. We both wore pink sweaters. This girl just came back from Frankfurt. And I will fly to Frankfurt this week again. Germany is always my love. So excited.

難得的星期天和姊妹聚會,這時台北的冬天超級冷,最適合來吃壽喜燒 ,有趣的是,我們都不約而同穿了粉紅色毛衣。Lesley剛從法蘭克福回來,我也準備要飛法蘭克福了,德國一直是我的最愛。

I’ve never posted the street sights in Taipei on my Instagram because there are always crowded, especially on the weekend. But the life here is quite convenient.







Forgive me I just wake up so late because of coming back home around 2:00 a.m after working. And I got sick as well before yesterday. It’s really painful during the flight especially my ears. Take care guys because of the cold weather!







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