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9 Apr

Melrose Avenue | Spring Los Angeles | USA

Well, let me show you what I’ve done in my last LA flight. I went to two famous painting walls must be checked such as Cisco Home and Paul Smith on the Melrose street.

今年才跟上Instagram的熱門景點,終於鼓起勇氣自己搭了Uber出門,這次的目標當然不能錯過Melrose Avenue上著名的Paul Smith Ltd.的粉紅牆和Cisco Home的 made in LA。




Hey Dears,

After 11 Hours flying and landing in Los Angeles, what you want to do first is “EAT” and “Drink”! I purchased some popular items between the crews in the supermarket. Different flavors of Noosa Jogurt, Honey Mustard of Pringles and the huge Simply Limeade.


As I said in my previous blogpost about LA, I wrote how interesting to know there are so much beautiful places in L.A I didn’t know before until I saw the amazing photos from Instagram of other Airlines cabin crews or some fashion bloggers. Finally I knew why so many popular Instagramers love this city so much.

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As I was a little child, I’ve learned some simple skills for taking good pictures because of my parents. I think Instagram is a super incredible social media to share your creation and inspirations to others especially if you are a artist. In my country, most of the people use Instagram for sharing their daily life and secrets not for creating the best photos.

I love to use colourful and contract colours to feature my photos on Instagram. Sometimes, I found it is interesting that doing the preparation or the edition after the shooting for a best photo is really not a easy work. Wish I could have a Instagram Husband to help me doing any edition and I just need to dress up beautifully twisting in front of the camera.

But, so far…I am quite proud of myself because I did all the stuffs including photo shooting and Youtube video edition all by myself. Even though there are only almost 5,000 Instagram followers, I am appreciated for what I have done because the most perfect work in my mind should be done in a team not always by one person. That’s why I disappeared recently because I really need my personal time to take a rest and think about what to write for the new blogpost as I am writing right now, and even do a new video.

Well, let me show you what I’ve done in my last LA flight. I went to two famous painting walls must be checked such as Cisco Home and Paul Smith on the Melrose street. I took the Uber from the Hilton Hotel to Melrose street just paid only for 5 USD.




不得不說,國外這些超強大的instagram,除了有厲害的拍攝技巧或是創意點子,還有最重要的是,文化的不同,歐洲或是美國的街道寬敞,天空很藍且陽光很充足,真的怎麼拍都美,隨便街拍擺個pose都像是名模或是fashion blogger。

今年才跟上Instagram的熱門景點,終於鼓起勇氣自己搭了Uber出門,這次的目標當然不能錯過Melrose Avene上著名的Paul Smith Ltd.的粉紅牆和Cisco Home的 made in LA,從飯店到目的地,單趟共乘才5塊美金可是相當划算。


Cisco Home



Address: 8025 Melrose Ave. Los Angeles, CA 90046

What happened in L.A? I found my self fall in love with this city this time. The wall outside of the Cisco Home is a DREAM. And I finally realised why most Instagramers love L.A so much. I started to manage Instagram “seriously” and look at the amazing pictures from all over the world since last year. Before that, I just use Instagram as my “little secret space” beside Facebook. Now, I would like to explore more and share more for all of you.

I could’t believe I was here finally in front of the MADE IN LA wall after seeing lots of pictures from popular Instagramers. I wore the colourful dress with the chiffon top close and felt my heart beaten so quickly. There was an interesting phenomenon that people would try to do something special to surprise the followers on Instagram or catch the eyes of the pedestrians.

For example, there was a funny guy wearing only white underwear and sport shoes with white socks but holding the yellow balloons with smile was doing the photo shooting in front of the wall before I left. The photographer is his sister and captured all the funny moment he created. I guess those would be the most popular Instagram shots on that day.

話說到此,終於要開始我的L.A尋寶圖遊戲。裙擺搖搖走到了眼前的 Made in LA,內心真的充滿感動,我終於到這面牆了!過了不久,有一個頂著光頭的黑人老兄,光著上身只穿著一條白色三角內褲,穿著襪子和球鞋,手拿著一束黃色的笑臉氣球,攝影師是他的妹妹,不斷地要他變換pose,相信一定幫他捕捉到不少會讓Instagram驚艷的畫面。



Paul Smith Ltd.



Address: 8221 Melrose Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90046

Oh my god! This is the legend Pink Wall!  As I approached to the wall I couldn’t believe as well I was finally standing in front of the Paul Smith Ltd. But you have to follow the regulations as below before doing the shooting:

  1. It is prohibited to use the camera close to the pink wall, cell phone only.
  2. Camera is allowed only form outside of the fence.

So, if you want to take the high quality photos, you have to stand far away from the wall and zoom in in a distance. I asked the safety guard, why the company made the regulation like this? He answered he didn’t know either. But I guess the store would like to focus on the their marketing sale, not as a Landmark for tourists taking photos.

The Black and white Check is the fashion icon in this year so that I wore my latest outfit with the top and the long dress in this style which really matches the pink wall.

慢慢走向前方,天啊!這不就是傳說中Paul Smith Ltd.的粉紅牆!只是上前拍照可是要遵守最重要的遊戲規則:

  1. 近拍只能用手機,不能用相機。
  2. 使用相機的距離只限從廣場外的小籬笆外才能使用。

萬一你不小心在牆邊拿出相機,抱歉,旁邊的警衛會開始警告你,要你看一旁的規則項目。我問警衛,為什麼只能用手機呢?警衛聳聳肩說,我也不知道,這是店家規定的。或許是大家都在這裡打卡,都忽略了Paul Smith這間品牌服飾店,店家為了不要讓遊客平白消費這面牆而想出來的吧?我猜。




有趣的是,夏天看到時尚雜誌介紹今年歐美流行的復古黑白格紋單元,其實我早已經嗅覺到一股新風潮,在LA拍格紋的新衣穿搭 (偷笑),剛好在這面粉紅牆顯得對比非常鮮明,終於,我很開心也拍到自己想要的感覺。離開這面牆之前,也巧遇了正在拍攝廣告或是自己blog影片,著裝成60年代的復古女郎,我的真心覺得在LA,只要你敢穿,穿得有特色和這裡的環境一點都不違合。

Love this lady’s vintage look! She was shooting a video at that time and I asked her if I could take a picture with her. Of course!



Carrera Café



After taking enough pictures, I was satisfied to leave and bought a cup of latte with the kiss from Los Angeles on the top of the coffee in the Carrera Café across to the pink wall. Outside of the café is the painting of Lady Gaga as an Advertising for COACHELLA Festival which was the popular Instagram photo taking spot as well. I wish one day I could attend such an amazing fashion festival.

Wish all the Dreams will Come True.

趁Carrera Cafe關門前點了杯印有性感雙唇拿鐵,這是來自加州陽光的吻,咖啡館外牆彩繪的是Lady Gaga的科切拉音樂季 (Coachella)宣傳廣告,那段時間反而成為很多人在Instagram必打卡的超強指標,真希望有一天能夠參加時尚潮人聚集的科切拉音樂季,會有這麼一天嗎?(痴人妄想,笑)







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