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8 Apr

Mainz – Frankfurt |Happy Spring Germany

Mainz, a historical small city close to Frankfurt which the Dom in the old town is one of the famous Cathedrals in Germany. I am so happy to fly to Frankfurt again in one month in order to complete my unfinished dream last time to explore the sunny Mainz.



It’s lucky to find a Sagittarius girl like me in the airline industry whose name is Gwyneth. We met in the same flight and she showed her highly travel passion to join this short trip to Mainz with me. We didn’t take a nap when we arrived at the hotel in the early morning but quickly took a shower and changed our outfits with excitement.


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乘車方式 Transportation



1. 電車 (S-Bhan)

It is very convenient to take the S-Bahn 8 to Mainz. You just simply buy the “Tagskarte Erwachsene“ which means “Adult One day ticket” for only 7.2 Euros wherever you want to visit in 1 km from Frankfurt. In another words, you don’t have to buy the both turn-around tickets for total 16.7 Euros (single ride is 8.35 Euro) which spends more money than a one day ticket.

前往美茵茲的方式非常簡單,只要到中央車站的自動購票機勾選成人一日票,Tagskarte Erwachsene,不用選擇目的地,這種一日票的特色是只要距離法蘭克福周圍一公里內的城市都可以使用,一張票的車資總共只要7.2歐元,價格超級划算,從車站大廳下樓搭乘S8電車即可,時間約莫40分鐘抵達。

但我上次來不知道就傻傻的買單程票,去程從Frankfurt am Main Hbf 到 Mainz Hbf,回程從Mainz Hbf 到 Frankfurt am Main Hbf 就各花了8.35歐元,總共花了冤枉錢16.7歐元,這次無意間知道只要購買一日票就好,我想,下次探索法蘭克福周圍小鎮就會更有動力了。


2. 巴士 (Bus)

When you arrived at Mainz main station, just buy the ticket from “Mainz Hbf to Höfchen/Listmann/Altstadt” for 1.7Euros to the old town.

到了美茵茲火車站之後,要再轉乘公車前往市中心,別忘了先在車站的自動購票選擇從 Mainz Hbf 到 Höfchen/Listmann/Altstadt的公車票 1.7歐元,我在國外還是會當守法的好遊客,遠方看到目的地“DOM”也就是大教堂即可下車。


Walking in Mainz



It’s Spring Time! There was a BIO traditional market on the plaza behind the DOM on the weekend. Our eyes were caught by the colourful and beautiful Tulips so that we couldn’t help but each of us bought a bunch of the Tulips as the best photo shooting tools.


We also tried the local fresh apple juice which tastes amazing and different from the apple juice we served in the flight so that I bought a big bottle of apple juice to share with another crews flying back home. Red wine production is also famous in Mainz or any other cities along the river Rhein like the fairy tale Rüdesheim. It would be perfect to have more time to taste either red wine or the local apple wine.



這裡和附近的呂德斯海姆 (Rüdesheim)一樣,城鎮都沿著萊茵河畔而建,所以葡萄酒的釀造也十分出名,街上不時會看見一些傳統的小酒館林立。除了葡萄酒之外,法蘭克福這一帶有名的是生產蘋果酒,我第一次品嚐了所謂新鮮釀造的蘋果汁,才驚覺原來純的蘋果汁口感是如此清香,和平常在飛機上喝到的口感是截然不同的。

Moreover, We entered a tiny but cute vintage cloth shop located in the lane around this corner of a beer house. We didn’t buy anything and quickly leave this lovely place because sunshine was still waiting for us. Oh! I wish i could have my own brand and shop like this in the future.

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我們在一個的可愛的轉角停了下來,跟著指標轉個彎逛了一間在巷弄內小巧精緻的復古衣物小店 (Vintage),由於原本沒有預期要買東西,所以購物慾降到只剩0,於是兩手空空地離開店裡和親切的老闆娘說再見,希望以後也有一間屬於自己的品牌服飾店,或許會有這麼一天吧?



Well, sometimes crew life looks glorious but we actually don’t  have too much time to exactly see a place. We didn’t entry the DOM and the Gutenberg’s Museum this time because we had to come back to Frankfurt before 5 pm to join the dinner with other people. Even though it sounds pity but sometime I think it would be fun because you will have more energy to explore for next time.




Restaurant ANDALUCIA



After coming back to Frankfurt, we went to the famous Spanish restaurant named ANDALUCIA, which locals would love to spent their dinner time there. As I noticed, it is not as easy and convenient to go to the restaurants or bars except the tourist area in Germany. You have to take a long walk from the stops or stations especially wearing the high heels will kill you. If you come to Taiwan, you will find it is so easy to find the international food to eat everywhere.



Last Breakfast in InterContinental Frankfurt



Morning! This would be our last Breakfast in hotel InterContinental Frankfurt. Next month we will move to another new hotel near the airport. Oh my! I will miss the fancy German breakfast buffet here which is exactly the best motivation for me to fly here.



Throw Back Three Months


Let’s review what happened in these three months flying to Frankfurt:

1.My first time to check the meals in German with the ground staffs.

2. A German old lady loves Asian so much and had a nice talk with me in the galley in German and of course loved our in-flight service.

3. Having a nice talk either with a couple from different nationalities who run a French restaurant in Taipei.    Maybe I will visit them if i had time.


1. 第一次和餐勤大哥用德文對餐。

2. 德國阿嬤超愛亞洲,去過不少國家,知道我會說德文好興奮,特地在我on duty跑來廚房跟我聊天,好喜歡


3. 無意間和定居在台灣,在台北開法國餐廳且會說中文的外國情侶也聊的很開心,希望下次能造訪他們的店。


So, as you see. That’s the end of the life of these tulips. I gave each girl a flower as a White Valentine’s Day gift after finishing the first part of our work. What a Happy Flight!







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