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4 Apr

Chillin in Summer Brisbane | Australia

It’s winter in Northern Hemisphere, however, now it’s summer with breeze in Australia, Southern Hemisphere. It was my first time to be at the Eagle Street Pier looking at the Story Bridge with blue lights across the river.




Eagle Street Pier



It’s winter in Northern Hemisphere, however, now it’s summer with breeze in Australia, Southern Hemisphere. I rarely flew to Brisbane but I did appreciate for some little surprises showed up in my layover for almost every time. This time, I  was intend to only stay in the Hotel and did nothing but saw the pictures of the gorgeous Story Bridge at night in a tour guild book from my hotel room unexpectedly so that I invited two girls to have a dinner with me in a fancy restaurant at the pier. So, it was my first time to be at the Eagle Street Pier looking at the Story Bridge with blue stone lights across the river. Happy Girls’ night at Jade Buddha Bar and Kitchen with such a beautiful night view. Good Night Brisbane.

儘管現在是北半球的冬天,位在南半球的澳洲則是天氣晴朗且氣候溫和的夏季。很少來布里斯本的我,常常想要宅在飯店的原訂計劃總是會被打亂,所以只要每次能體驗一些新鮮事都會很開心。無意間翻到當地旅遊書介紹夜景餐廳,兩位女孩們二話不說就陪我來。澳洲的公開場所非常重視dress code,這是我覺得跟很多國家不一樣的地方,也為此買了一雙超美的香檳金高跟鞋。

這家 Jade Buddha Bar and Kitchen位在鷹街碼頭旁 (Eagle Street Pier),餐廳裡的氣氛也很棒,儘管只是晚餐時間,澳洲女生每個都盛裝出席像是要參加派對一般,聽著音樂,喝點小酒,點了澳洲牛肉漢堡,女孩們不知不覺聊了一個晚上,故事大橋在夜裡襯托了它美麗的藍色光芒,閃耀動人,晚安了,布里斯本。

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Jimmy’s on the Mall 1982



I’ve been to Brisbane for couple of times. Finally, I got the chance to experience this restaurant decorated like a tree house in the forest on the Queen street, and I just started to know the popular local Australian coffee is called Flat White.

來了布里斯本幾次,終於進來這間經過很多次,位在皇后街市中心街道上如樹屋般的森林餐廳,也現在才知道澳洲特有的咖啡稱作Flat White,是Cappuccino和Latte的混合體。


Inchcolm Boutique Hotel Brisbane



Well…this is my first time to eat such delicate dishes in my life. My colleague and I would like to go to Jamie Oliver’s Restaurant at first, but someone recommended us to have a lunch or dinner in this Inchcolm Boutique Hotel Brisbane. We ordered small plates and main course. Hammed pork jowl, Apple, honey, mustard and hickory. How delicious they are! But just a little bit cost a lot.  Anyway, we were here!




GOMA (Art Gallery of Modern Art)



It seems like I were in the world of Monsters, Inc. We just visited GOMA (Art Gallery of Modern Art), Queensland Art Gallery. The summer in Brisbane is neither hot nor cold, and I found so many beautiful dresses in the shops, especially my favourite Bohemia Style. This season is perfect to visit Great Barrier Reefs as well.




In-flight Story part.1


I rarely take pictures with passengers in my flights unless they are super stars. This time I would like to share with you guys neither travel nor fashion, but my flying story in my last flight from Brisbane to Taipei.

After boarding, the father of this young lady “Kanya” walking toward to me with a cautious face and said in a strong Australian accent : “My daughter will have a Birthday in 45 min. (After 12:00 a.m) Could you do something or anything else can surprise her? I will appreciate your help.” “Really? Today’s flight are really full, but I would inform our colleagues of they can do something.” The father twinkled his eye and left. After take off, of course we were so busy to do the routine procedures and I saw my watch, there were still 20 min left.

Most colleagues were so busy preparing the meals or too shy to sing a birthday song in front of the crowed people. So they are kindly refused. What can I do? I know the birthday is the most special day for a kid, especially at the first day of her life journey. We don’t have any Birthday Gifts like that in our plane. However, I wrote something in a tiny birthday card with our logo. I took a small chocolate ice cream cup from Business class in the small pater bag.

At 12 o’clock, the father twinkled his eye to make a sign when I approached to their seats. One sweet colleague came with me. We said Happy Birthday and song without caring other people watching. Little girl was so shy at first but with a lovely smile on her face from her heart.

Her bigger sister and brother looked so happy as well. The father gave us a thumb up with a satisfied smile as well. Doing little things really are kind of mercy. The Family said goodbye so friendly after leaving the aircraft. This was my first time to sing a birthday song to my little passenger. Sorry guys. It was too rush so that there is no video. Sharing you this photo with a sweet girl and wish her all the best.




In-flight story part.2


Staying in the Hotel for almost 2 days without actually going out to the city centre, but I felt so comfortable writing my blog and arranging the photos. That’s right, it doesn’t like what I normally did in my layover to explore all the time. Sometimes I have to balance the budget and listen to my body. After taking enough rest before the flight, I love this turn-around flight today from Brisbane – Auckland. Passengers were so nice and gave me so much feedbacks! I think that’s why I love this job not only for traveling benefits.

One thing very interesting is that, it is now summer in Auckland as well, but we felt so cold actually after the ground staff opening the door. While staying in the aircraft waiting for the ground preparation finished, all of us used the blanket to cover our body. The ground staff laughed and said: “ The weather today is pretty nice than any other day!” Now I understand it is still cooler in New Zealand even in summer.

在布里斯本飯店宅了快兩天,好希望這裡就是我臺灣的房間,陽光照進落地窗,同時寫文整理照片好舒服,很不像平常在外站的我沒錯,但有時候還是要在玩樂與體力,當然還有金錢上做取捨。睡飽之後飛奧克蘭心情真好,這段來回的紐澳客人都好熱情,只是一個小小的服務,都會用非常誠摯的眼神和口氣說Thank you very much!


See you next time, Brisbane.







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