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3 Apr

New Year Holiday in Bali | Indonesia

We danced and praised how amazing the nature is! When I was standing at the beach, I felt so positive and wished all the unexpected miracles will come again this year because I believe, I’m lucky and blessed.



Dreaming in the tropical island to escape the freezing cold winter finally took place for the first time in my last New Year Holidays in Bali. Before the end of last year, I knew less about Bali. You might curiously ask me: “Haven’t you ever been in Bali before?” Of course, I’ve flown there couple of times by working. Maybe it is not far away from my country so that I didn’t take it seriously as a trip. What are the differences? Let me explain.

As I mentioned in my last Bali blogpost, all I knew about the island is only Massage, Massage, Massage around our hotel in Kuta. The beach in Kuta is not the beautiful one actually, there is no amazing sunset like Jimbaran, but this area is quite convenient and there are some shopping malls located. So, what does Bali exactly look like ? I used some of my annual leaves to stay in Jimbaran for my New Year Holidays the end of last year to know more about this magical place spoken by western travelers.


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Yes, we stayed only in Jimbaran because I just planned 5 days and 4 nights for this holiday trip and this is the second nearest area close to the airport. Believe me, don’t try to be a greedy person otherwise you will be easily stuck in the heavy traffic jam. Why not just utilise the most precious time in one area waking up in the morning with a smiling sunshine kiss? Of course, If you had enough time, I would definitely recommend you to visit Ubud or somewhere else beautiful.

老實說,這是我第一次來峇里島度假,在這之前,我對峇里島的印象真的只有飯店周圍,也就是庫塔 (Kuta)這一帶,很多人或許會問:「妳不是已經飛峇里島很多次了嗎?怎麼會覺得自己和峇里島很不熟?」別忘了,這是工作,凌晨起床飛了5個小時,抵達的時間是下午,通常按摩完天就黑了,再吃個飯差不多體力已透支,要準備休息睡覺,隔天中午就要離開。



這次,我只有選定金巴蘭作為這次度假的主要地點,這一帶有著名的金巴蘭海灘,鄰近的Villa相當地多,當然價位上也是一個很重要的考量,之前看了很多國外blogger的住宿分享,查了一下價位都要倒抽一口氣,其中最心動的當然還是Ayana Resort,這些更高級的享受有機會就留給未來吧!(握拳)

很多人問,為什麼不也去烏布呢?因為扣掉交通時間,實際上只有3個整天,如果來過峇里島的人,一定會知道這裡的交通尤其是尖峰時刻,塞車的程度和印度有的比。基本上,金巴蘭到烏布來回交通要耗費至少兩個小時的路程,我不希望難得的休假一直被困在路上,而且金巴蘭是離機場第二近的地區,所以回程要前往機場的時間比較容易估算  (但還是發生了細胞死了一半的驚險小插曲)。


金巴蘭崖私人酒店及水療中心 Jimbaran Cliffs Private Pool Hotel & Spa



This Jimbaran Cliffs Private Pool Hotel & Spa is located on the cliff of course with a private infinitive swimming pool in each individual room. This is not the luxury villa I would like to search at the beginning but the pool did attract my eyes and there’s beneficial discount for a double room. Why not give it a try?

The hotel staff would pick you up from the airport for free if you made a phone call reservation in advance. On average, all the staffs are pretty hospitable if you need some services. But don’t forget to give small tips before you left.

It seemed like I made a right decision to be here on the first day in Bali. Chilling myself for the personal time in the very quiet private pool while seeing the beautiful pink color sunset. Some grateful words came to my mind: “Thanks for everything in my life. I’m blessed.”

What you see in the picture is that I was sitting on the small wood path over the swimming pool with Bali stylish atmosphere around in the morning. The best thing in the world would be to have a nice breakfast with my favorite fresh orange juice. Time went by so fast. I cherished the last time before check-out and jumped into the water again with the innocent  laughs. I really enjoyed my  first time private swimming pool experience and fell in love with this kind of holiday mode!







藍比尼豪華水療別墅 Lumbini Luxury Villas and Spa



ONCE you’ve ever lived in a private Villa for couple of days, you will be spoiled for the next time if you come to Bali. My holiday mode actuated indeed from this Lumbini Luxury Villas and Spa which is my favorite one during these days. Staying here is like in the small private paradise. All you have do is just use the phone call and you can get any services you wished.

There are two swans made of bath towels to welcome all the guests on the double room. Outside of the sleeping room, we had a comfortable living room, private swimming pool, and a small yard. The staffs will come to your place to clean the rooms, yard and the pool every day to make sure the environment is clean and tidy.

Breakfast is all included and awesome. You can go to the breakfast room or call for a room service. We just went to the breakfast room and picked up what we would like to eat and asked the staff to send them to our living room. Just take your time to eat as long as you like.

It’s swimming time! Never forget to play DONUTS like a kid. This Pink Donut Tube really matches my Bikini. Most of the time, we usually stayed in the pool after eating the breakfast. But sometimes the sudden heavy rain in this winter season would ruin the holiday vibes. However, watching the pink sunset again is the most unforgettable moment in Jimbaran.

In addition, walking on paths with green trees along in each lane would make you feel like a princess dancing around. Dressing Chiffon and taking a rest under the trees with flowers in such a hot afternoon was not a bad idea.

In general, I gave the thumb up to the service quality. We enjoyed the Rose oil massage in the massage room for 2 hours in including a bobble bath with roses spelling LUMBINI floating on the water. What a little surprise to make the girls so happy and would like to stay forever.

If you are tired of eating room service, you can just make the phone call and the staff will drive the car to pick you up to the entrance. There are some local Indonesian delicious food stands you can try and the prices are very cheap. We ordered Avocado juice with chocolate, fried rices and Chicken Satay to make our dinner so satisfied.





如果想要省餐費,不想要一直叫Room Service,可以打電話請工作人員開高爾夫球車,從房門外載到大門口再走出去,左右兩旁都有一些小吃攤,比起一些餐廳,這可是非常便宜又道地好吃,一份炒飯才一萬印尼盾,10串沙爹才一萬五印尼盾,當然也少不了想念的巧克力酪梨汁。






奇拉無限8度假飯店 Kila Infinity8 Bali



This is the cheapest one we stayed during the holidays. In order to balance the travel costs, we choice to stay in this business Hotel for the last night and looked for some events maybe we could join in at the new year’s eve. Otherwise, staying only in the private villa might be kind of boring on this special day. Finally, we chose the beach dinner.

On average, the room is simple but modern and the facilities are quite good. Only one thing under my expectation is the swimming pool. The picture of infinity pool in looks so fantastic with golden sunset lights. In reality, the view is okey especially in the children area with some old cottages between the green trees when I went to the top. The view in the adult area looks much better with less old objects.

However, any huge tubes are not prohibited to be used on the both sides of the pools because the wind on the top might cause danger. My golden wings unicorn was allowed to be used for 10 minutes but only in the children area so that the picture might not be the best. At least, I tried. It would be a dream if I take the tubes to Santorini with the true infinity pool.

Before leaving and waiting for the taxi to the airport, our luggages were asked to put in the luggage room. During this time, I bought a Tiramisu Smoothie from J.CO but it melted in 10 minutes because of the hot weather. One episode came next. As the hotel staffs told us our taxi driver was waiting, we quickly got into the carand asked the driver if our luggages were already in the back? He smiled and said: Yes! Yes! The hotel staffs said: Yes! as well so that we didn’t double check and believed what they said.

As the driver stopped in front of the the Terminal and didn’t move his body trying to take our luggages out, we estimated something tragedy happened! At first, we thought he was joking but he wasn’t! There were no luggages in this car and we would miss the flight check-in time in one hour.

Oh my goodness! I used a very strict tone to ask the driver send me back to the hotel as hurry as possible otherwise we would miss the flight. At the moment, he finally realized something wrong to speed up all the way. Luckily, there was no rush hour so that I could come back to the airport in time. I didn’t know if it was a trick. At least, we were safe on board back home.





Travel Tips in Bali


Please Double Check the people really understand you especially in southeast Asia. They like to say “Yes” “Yes” and nod their head with smile to pretend they understand everything. But this kind of situation happen in our country or any other Asia countries as well while talking to the foreigners in English. People want to save face even they don’t understand at all.

最令人崩潰的是,在峇里島或是任何東南亞國家,切記切記,這裡的人很愛說“Yes! Yes!”,一臉都笑笑的,但實際上並沒有把你的話聽進去,所以做很多事情之前都要再三確認。

故事是這樣的,我們在最後一天準備離開峇里島前往機場之前,因為這裡很容易塞車,比報到時間再提早估了一個多小時出發。飯店要我們等計程車的時間,先把行李拉到行李室,當他們通知我們司機來了之後,我們在門口問司機行李都放上來了嗎?他點頭說說Yes! Yes! 一旁的飯店人員也沒有任何表示,傻笑地送我們離開。




金巴蘭海灘 Jimbaran Beach



Before coming to the Jimbaran Beach, I had no idea what it exactly looked like and didn’t expect the sunset would be so incredibly flamboyant like natural fireworks in the sky. The sunset and the clouds changed so fast in 5-10 minutes but it was the most beautiful moment in those days.

We danced and praised how amazing the nature is! When I was standing at the beach, I felt so positive and wished all the unexpected miracles will come again this year because I believe, I’m lucky and blessed. The last day of December. I was sitting at the table on the beach while eating the seafood to enjoy the time after appreciating the magical sunset above. Wish all of you dreams will come.








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