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31 Mar

Christkindlmarkt |Vienna Christmas Market | Austria

I was standing in front of the Rathausplatz (City Hall) which is the biggest and the most famous Christmas Market in Vienna. Gorgeous golden lights from this classy Gothic Building always caught my eyes.




Hey Dears,

Since I started to write English posts this year, it might be my first post about Vienna written in English even though I already wrote so much about Austria in Chinese before. The topic this time is about the Christmas Market. I’m sharing with you right now my last experience and my birthday before Christmas in Vienna and the next post in Munich.

As we arrived in Vienna in the early morning, it started to snow with a little bit rain. We should be very happy for the snow but something unexpectedly happened because of the Austrian President election. We were informed to stay in the NH hotel which is near the airport this time so that we had to take our luggages passed through the way under the snowfall.

Nevertheless, I think we were still lucky because the breakfast here is more diversity. The fist thing I stepped into the hotel room was to take a shower and then keep staying in the warm bed and hit the hay deeply.

Coming back to Vienna before the Christmas almost every year seems to be a tradition for myself. As you know, I studied here before and the city is always somewhere I’m familiar with, like a home. Even thought my job allowed me to fly almost around the world, it is not easy to choose the city and the date as you wish. It usually depends on the company’s policy. At least, I finally came back here before my birthday.

I was standing in front of the Rathausplatz (City Hall) which is the biggest and the most famous Christmas Market in Vienna. Gorgeous golden lights from this classy Gothic Building always caught my eyes. Here is one of my favorite night views of Vienna. In Austria or South Germany like Bayern, people call Christmas Market as “Christkindlmarkt”, but somewhere else in Germany, they usually call ”Weihnachtsmarkt”.

In order to stay outside longer in such a freezing night, the only way is to buy a cup of the Glühwein (warm red wine with Lime and fruits). It is always my favorite in Christmas Market! One thing interesting is that the design of the Christmas Market Mug differs from the places and the cities. A cup of the Glühwein costs 2.5 Euros, but you have to pay 2.5 plus 3 Euros for the Mug in advance. If you would like to keep the mug, you can just take it away. If you are not interested in collecting the mugs, just give it back and the staff will return 3 Euros back to you.

Cheers for the next beautiful year! “Things turn out best for the people who make the best of the way things turn out.” – John Wooden. Life would be better than ever.




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我和可愛的同事姐姐,一同搭CAT機場快捷從機場到市區逛街,再搭電車到這位在市政府(Rathaus Platz) 的聖誕市集。11月底開始,聖誕節還沒到,整個維也納就已經瀰漫著濃厚的聖誕氣氛,市區許多地方其實都設有聖誕市集的攤位,不過,以Rathausplatz (市政府廣場)所舉辦的為最大且最具規模,聚集了世界各國前來共襄盛舉的觀光客。





Schönen Abend in meiner Lieblingsstadt Wien. Ich war auf dem Rathausplatz gewesen, um den Weihnachtensmarkt zu genießen. Hier ist immer schön zu fröhlich zu sein. Ich bestellte Glühwein wenn ich jedes Mal zum Weihnachtsmarkt gehe. Prost für nächstes schönes Jahr!











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