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27 Mar

Amazing Taj Mahal | Autumn India Day Trip

A teardrop on the face of eternity. -Tagore. Travelers from all over the world and the Indian locals as well are fascinated with the beautiful Story of the Taj Mahal. I combined my two times travel stories to share with you as travel tips.

「永恆面容上的一滴淚珠」- 詩人泰戈爾。泰姬瑪哈陵的淒美動人愛情故事,為此地增添不少浪漫的神秘氣息,不只令各國觀光客著迷,也是當地印度人畢生必來朝拜的景點。



Story of Taj Mahal



Hey dears,

The Taj Mahal is an ivory-white marble mausoleum which is located on the south of the Yamuna river in Agra in india. It was built by the Mughal Emperor named Shah Jahan to memorize his favorite wife Mumtaz Mahal. It also has the meaning “Crown of the Palace”.

The famous Indian poet Tagore described Taj Mahal as “A teardrop on the face of eternity.” Nowadays, Travelers from all over the world and the Indian locals as well are fascinated with the beautiful Story of the Taj Mahal. If you first come to India, I guess your first choice must be this place.

There is always a popular slang between my flying colleagues: “If you don’t visit Taj Mahal, you will feel regret. Once you visited it, you will regret for the rest of your life.” Actually, it’s not really a joke. Asian tourists are easily to be cheated by the locals not only around Taj Mahal, I think this kind of situation happens everywhere in India, even in other countries. So that they might have some bad impressions of this country.

泰姬瑪哈陵(Taj Mahal),純白色的伊斯蘭圓頂宮殿建築,1632年是蒙兀兒第五代皇帝沙賈汗(Shah JaHan)為愛妻艾珠曼德(Arijumand)所興建的陵墓,歷時22年完成。

沙賈汗暱稱愛妻為「慕塔芝.瑪哈」(Mumtaz Mahal),意思是「宮殿中心愛的人」,而泰姬瑪哈陵的名字則源自於此,有著「宮殿之冠」的涵意。

詩人泰戈爾(Tagore)曾經形容泰姬瑪哈陵是「永恆面容上的一滴淚珠」(a teardrop on the face of eternity),淒美動人的愛情故事,為此地增添不少浪漫的神秘氣息,不只令各國觀光客著迷,也是當地印度人畢生必來朝拜的景點。

自從做這份工作之後,看到印度總會聯想到泰姬瑪哈陵,這個一生一定要去的地方,同事之間也會流傳著一句戲言:「不去,遺憾終生; 去了,終生遺憾。」(意思是,可以下次不用再特地來了啦!)

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Shooting Problems


You must be curious why I came to Taj Mahal again? We usually book one day tour for Taj Mahal. And I just want to see this place throughly and take some nice pictures last time I didn’t do so much.

Unfortunately, I found the truth is that if you come here in the afternoon, it is always full of crowed people all the time, and the weather is always super hot. The best shooting time is either sunrise or the sunset so that you could have the best shots with less people as those famous instagramers. If I had the chance to be here again, I would definitely book the Taj Mahal hotel nearby to spend at least a night.




On the Way to Agra









前幾天推薦,2013年全印度最賣座的電影”Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani”《那些年我們瘋狂的青春》的色彩節片段,我也要去啦!

經過附近的村莊,司機很興奮和我們解說從317號開始,全印度都會舉行Holi Festival(五彩節)Lord Krishna(黑天神)有關,只有這一帶的居民會歡慶長達十幾天,起源是神戰勝惡魔的慶典,一直延續至今。

像德里或其他城市可能只有維持ㄧ到兩天,到處都會噴撒彩色的粉末,象徵春天的到來,台灣或其他國家的color run也是從這裡發跡的,十分有趣。

司機好奇問我們台灣有什麼節慶,Maggie姐說中秋節(Moon Festival)全台的人都會全家在這一天聚在一起烤肉,他聽完覺得很好笑。他接著繼續說,印度很多蛇,可能是天氣太乾或太熱,很容易看到蛇的屍體攤在公路上,後座沉默很久,因為我們都睡得不支倒地。 


My Impression for Agra



There are 3 UNESCO world culture heritages in Agra. It is located in the west-south 240 km from Delhi. Our one day tour started at 6:00 in the morning form New Delhi and it took 4 hour to Agra which is the second big city in India.

One thing I’m always curious about Agra is that since Taj Mahal brings so much huge amount tourists to be here, this city should be prosperous and the streets should be clear, but what I saw were the dirty street sights and lots of broken architectures. Even though Delhi is the third city in India, it’s more clearer than this place.

Some people like this country, some people don’t. I stay in the middle. But I sometimes I still feel ucky I could see through the world so quickly by this job and use my eyes and open my mind to accept the different cultures which we didn’t realize before. I’ve seen the poor people like beggars or the rich people. Different standards decide  the destiny of the people in their entire life and hardly to be changed.

You might say, oh! how poor they are! But in my opinion, I don’t think they feel miserable for their life because the poor children still happily play around  with each other. They might think their life is not bad as we think because they don’t have the chance to compare with others. Sometimes, we are used to judge others by our opinion. Maybe the truth is not like this.

Since I few India around 10 times, I strongly realized one thing: Each country has it’s own beauty and unique character. It’s India! If there are all modern architectures in this country, you might not have any interests to visit it. If you want all the streets to be cleared like Europe or all the broken buildings to be perfectly fixed, it is not Inida! The same theory can be used in all the countries in the world. That’s why we travel, that’s why we learn and see the differences from our country.






有人因為被這裡歷史悠久的神祕文化所吸引,有人則會說為何要花錢來這裡受罪? 路上塵土飛揚,房子也都髒髒破破爛爛的,衛生差腸胃不好的人會容易腹瀉,治安又不好,女生出門還要擔心會不會被性騷擾,社會階級差異太大,路上很容易看見骯髒的乞丐家庭在討生活…。





Outside of Taj Mahal


After arriving at the parking lot near Taj Mahal, people have to change their transportation like environmental scooters or carriages to a stop close to Taj Mahal first and then take a walk directly to the entry because of environmental problem. There is already a huge damage of the air pollution in recent years around Taj Mahal.

Outside of the Taj Mahal, there are lots of souvenirs on the both sides of the main streets. I bought some postcards after my visit. Remember, there are a lot of people (children) selling the expensive but bad quality products on the streets. Don’t be cheated!



Before entering the entry, all the people are required to do the safety check. The first building we saw is the red typical mausoleum architecture.



Inside of Taj Mahal



Finally, I saw the teardrop on the face of eternity written from Tagore on the opposite side of the beautiful garden from the main entrance.


Because of the unique architecture technology, the soft lights change the views and make it so different every hour. Outside of the building, there are 4 towers on the both sides.


The exterior decorations of the Taj Mahal are among the finest in Mughal architecture.


Do you know, this was one of the best shooting spots in the Taj Mahal garden for the local charging photographers? I knew this spot cause I came here last time and would like to take some photos as much as I could. But these photographers would like occupied here only for the tourists who would like to pay the shooting and don’t want us to sit on the chair. Finally, We made it!




—First Time 第一次來 —

印度人口也太多,到處都是滿滿的人群!!! 我們11天的旅行,真的經歷了印度的冬天到夏天,坐車坐了4個多小時終於到了這裡,導遊說我們很幸運,現在開始要轉熱。


每次個定點都這樣,一拍完就說: “Ok, beautiful, next stop!” 完全不會想要讓我們好好待著,他就急著要往下一個景點邁進。 



好像耶照片是拍的滿有意境的,只是很不喜歡他一直ok, beautiful, next stop!







Taj Mahal Restaurant



What we ordered in TAJ MAHAL restaurant are always almost the same items in the menu: Butter Naan, Chicken Curry Source,  Chicken Tikka… But those delicious food made our night perfect.    

下午我們到泰姬瑪哈陵餐廳吃飯,沒錯,店名就是TAJ MAHAL,剛好錯過店內尖峰用餐時間,基本上這裡的客人以西方人居多,我們能接受的印度食物,就是奶油烤餅、香料烤雞、咖哩醬…,這些菜單上熟悉的名字。


—First Time 第一次來 —





Very Expensive Souvenir Manufacture









於是,導遊以為這趟行程結束,我們堅持說還要再去阿格拉堡(Agra Fort)


Agra Fort




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吃完中餐,終於從泰姬瑪哈陵(Taj Mahal)來到阿格拉堡(Agra Fort)。


賈汗季宮(Jehangir’s Palace),融合印度和波斯的建築特色。

前方這棟哈斯馬勒宮(Khas Mahal),是沙賈汗皇帝為兩個心愛的女兒所建立的宮殿。安古利巴格花園(Anguri Bagh),這裡是後宮嬪妃們的私密活動空間。

最後,我和Angela竟然在印度待到不想回台灣,好想直接參加色彩節! 其實在阿格拉堡的時間並沒有很久,沿路也是一群年輕人都會很興奮地跟我們拍照,好像發現新大陸一樣!   

導遊在一旁笑笑地說,路上一群人還是一直要跟我們拍照,這是他們要求的pose~ 後來才知道,參觀阿格拉堡的人來自印度四面八方,他們回到家鄉之後就很難看到外國人,所以看到外國人都很開心!




— 轉角的另一個世界 —






Happy Diwali!


The days before Diwali Festival, there were so many people busy buying the traditional Indian food back home and all the families will gather together to celebrate like our new year holidays. Outside almost all of the buildings were decorated with lights or lanterns.

Happy Diwali!




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—First Time 第一次來—


司機: Do you like Sweet?
我聽成: Do you like 水?


經過造磚廠,煙囪的煙一直都很濃。傍晚的夕陽很美,把夕陽圈起來,旅行的結束,The End of our Trip! (以後我也要和愛人這樣!)



11天旅程,Incredible India,下次見!

-The End-



Korean made pink dress.

In cooperation with 小鳥衣櫃 (Little Bird)






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