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16 Mar

Los Angeles| Santa Monica | USA

What do you think of California? Palm Trees Avenue or comfortable sunshine with breeze. This was my 4th Time to visit Santa Monica. This is the place in California so far I love the most. Let me tell you why I came here close to the sunset moment.

你對加州的印象是什麼?微風吹拂的慵懶陽光或是棕梠樹大道呢?想了一下,這是我第四次前來聖塔.莫妮卡。 在我去年開始認真玩Instagram,追蹤這些歐美時尚部落客, 名人或是旅遊部落客之前,這裡一直是我對洛杉磯的唯一記憶。



Hey, my dears.

What do you think of California? Palm Trees Avenue or comfortable sunshine with breeze. This was my 4th Time to visit Santa Monica. This is the place in California so far I love the most. Let me tell you why I came here close to the sunset moment.

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Did you read the last post about my first experience in Universal Studios Hollywood? This time I was so lucky to have a layover for 48 hours in Los Angeles so that I could explore more as much as I could. I started to manage my Instagram seriously and see what people do especially bloggers all over the world since last year. Before that I just used Instagram as my little secret space. Now, I would like to share with all of you in the world so that I started to write English version at the beginning of this year.

How interesting to know there are so much beautiful places in L.A I didn’t know before until I saw the amazing photos from Instagram of other Airlines cabin crews or some fashion bloggers. Some famous painting walls must be checked such as Cisco Home and Paul Smith on the Melrose street. Finally I knew why so many popular Instagramers love this city so much. But none of my seniors colleagues told me they like L.A. when I was a new comer. They said here is so boring so that I believed it until last year I started to search inspirations from Instagram.

Lots of my colleagues really don’t enjoy the Taipei – Los Angeles flight. The flight time could be around 10-14 hours. There are many reasons, such like the quality of the passengers, serious jet lag, normally 24 hours short stay  with exhausted body and the hotel is near the airport not in the downtown…etc. Normally, it takes almost one hour bus from our hotel to Santa Monica. So, where to go when we arrive in the hotel? Most of the crews choose shopping mall nearby and then go back to sleep until the wake-up call rings. That’s the truth of the most flight attendants outport life. “Keep and save the energies for working is the most important then others.”, senior crews always say.

Thanks god, Uber is getting popular and normal in these two years. So that it would very easier to go anywhere you want and pay less money by carpool. I was planning this day to visit Melrose street in the morning with my lovely colleagues and then go back in the afternoon. Unfortunately, sometimes things change easily when you already planned in your mind.

We just came back from the Universal Studios last night after it closed and didn’t take a good rest when we arrived in L.A the day before. The tragedy is that none of us could get up in the morning and was sunk in the soft bed until the afternoon. We cancelled the plan in the morning. But I didn’t want to waste this sunny day so that I tried so hard to open my eyes with dizzy mind because of jet lag and moved my body slowly and slowly from the comfortable bed.

I took the bus No.3 from outside of the hotel to the end station: Santa Monica. It always makes me feel so comfortable whenever I’m in Santa Monica. The Beach and the atmosphere…everything is so relaxing. I just passed through the streets and went directly to the lovely beach. I took a walk around the wood bridge listening to the soft music from the artist/musician on the beach and didn’t forget to take a picture with the classic sign of the end of  Route 66.

Time went really so fast, I was there for almost 2 hours and the sun was about to sink. The sunset looked so romantic with the palm trees, I really enjoyed myself this time under the bath of those orange mixed gorden colors. Even though I just stayed at the beach side only for 2 hours but I still felt so satisfied when taking the bus back to the hotel preparing for the return flight at night.

See you, lovely California. I know you are so beautiful and I would try my best to find the time to know you more.

你對加州的印象是什麼?微風吹拂的慵懶陽光或是棕梠樹大道呢?想了一下,這是我第四次前來聖塔.莫妮卡。 在我去年開始認真玩Instagram,追蹤這些歐美時尚部落客, 名人或是旅遊部落客之前,這裡一直是我對洛杉磯的唯一記憶。

為何這麼多受歡迎的Instagramers瘋狂熱愛L.A? 我們卻如此討厭飛這個所謂的媽媽班,自從上線以來,完全沒有人跟我說這裡很好玩,大家多半都覺得很無聊只能待在飯店或是去mall買點東西,如果還有點體力來聖塔.莫妮卡逛街。







可惜,只在這裡待約莫2個小時而已,沐浴在浪漫的橙橘色光芒之下,太陽即將消失在地平線之上,如果能夠在此停留久一點有多好。天黑之後,我利用一點點剩餘的時間,穿梭在商店街的巷弄之間,意外發現一間禮品店好好逛,裡面有不少關於旅行主題的可愛包裝紙或相關商品, 精緻的卡片和書本等創意小物,由於時間不夠,只好趕緊搭公車回到飯店休息準備上班。





— 第一次來 —

It’s my first time in USA especially California! What a pity I could stay only for 24 hrs.

這是我第一次到美國耶! 很多朋友都曾經在這裡留學,旅行或是度假打工,我卻因為熱愛歐洲,對這象徵”自由”的國家,既是熟悉卻又陌生。







下午一點就和姐姐,Petty和Mandy一起出發前往傳說中的Santa Monica(聖塔.莫妮卡)!  



從Hilton Hotel 飯店門口搭3公車Big Blue Bus到目的地,車程約45分鐘,熱情的姐姐一直和我們分享她做20年的保養之道和旅遊經驗,而我則和Petty一直喵公車上拿衝浪板的小帥哥(傻笑)。

終於到最後一站Santa Monica,原來很多人喜歡加州不是沒有道理的,這裡的氣候十分怡人,我只穿無袖洋裝走在路上,在陽光照耀和微風吹拂之下,走在路上是一件多麼舒服的事!

我們逛了傳說中的Forever 21,我在GAP外等大家買童裝的時候,一對外國年輕情侶經過我面前,這位戴墨鏡的帥老兄突然激動地問我:” Why do you wear Music is the best thing in the world?” 我當下整個傻眼,不過他也很好笑,問完就走了,讓我腦中留下很多問號,Excuse me???!!!




回程服務到一位高齡70幾非常瘦弱的華僑老太太,她一直喊冷,很擔心她身體會受不了長時間在密閉空間裡,大家有經過就關心她一下,最後她對我說:「我已經20年沒搭華航,沒想到服務變這麼好。 You are so sweet,妳們都好漂亮好可愛!」


Happy Landing!


Winter Time





飛行去程才11小時,很快就抵達LA,我們先去超市採買半小時,大家再回飯店。我和Linda一開始在crew lounge為了微波比薩,費了好大的功夫還把紙盒剪成和比薩一樣的圓弧狀。沒想到,Linda就在我的房間大聊到晚上快12點,隔天還要早起去Santa Monica!

第二天早上10點多,我們搭飯店外的Blue Bus 3號巴士前往Santa Monica,我們很幸運,天氣非常好,只有一些微涼,有我最愛的陽光。

上公車之後沒多久,就有一位中年全身超臭,東南亞臉孔的遊民(?!) 一路上自言自語,那種臭真的無法形容,比垃圾放久臭酸掉還要臭,大概有一個月以上沒有洗澡,他走到後面跟我們坐在最後一排。


約中午11:30左右,終於到了Santa Monica,這次又和同學來真是開心,我們走到上次姐姐推薦的Jonny Rockets吃有名的漢堡套餐。


結束豐盛的午餐之後,我們稍微逛了一下ZARAForever21, Victoria’s Secret…,我先去超想念的A&F挑好自己想要的款式,最後快到海邊真的好興奮,原來這就是加州的感覺,廣闊的天空,陽光照射的海洋好吸引人,春夏來這裡玩水一定很棒,穿上比基尼走在沙灘上,迫不及待夏天的來臨。


橋上有黃色超大通心粉,海豚裝置藝術,我和Linda一直亂擺pose,最後不能錯過的就是Route 66,最後一站的經典立牌,好多人到這裡拍照都會不自覺擺出很多誇張的pose

有位黑人小女孩一上來頭往後仰呈現一個大C英文字母,她媽咪在一旁說:”Are you sure about that?”她點頭說yes。我則是放不開,NG好多次才成功,哪像Linda一次到位,真是厲害!      

最後我們到賣紀念品的小店鋪,外面貼滿了美國公路相關的車牌和徽章的一些歷史,原來Route 66是橫貫美國東西向的公路,我們請路人幫忙拍照,這位外國女生聽到我們是台灣來的,還問我們中文的謝謝怎麼說?還對我們說了一句:「你好!」真的好可愛。


過沒多久,又有中年男子問我現在幾點,然後問完就丟了一句:”You guys are gorgeous!”就跑走了,老外真的很愛隨口讚美別人。等到10點受不了,想說怎麼還是沒車,趕快追上即將停靠的8號公車,馬上問司機我們的公車為何都沒有來,結果我們真的等錯地方了!  

好心的年輕司機大哥免費讓我們上車,載我們到轉角正確的站牌,並沒有多收費用。中間我們還小聊了一下,他看我們的穿著打扮,以及手上大包小包的血拼購物袋,問我們是不是crew? 同一時間,我說Yes,Linda說No,我們都笑了出來,真的好糗。




Spring Time



— 第三次來 —

到下個月能夠到德國度假,每天都很興奮與期待,5月的下半個月都非常忙碌地在準備出國的瑣碎事情,這次到L.A只有一個小小的願望,就是到Santa Monica隨意走一走,透透氣也好。







這裡多半都賣Route 66的相關商品,紀念品店內琳瑯滿目的車牌,看到台幣100元的紙鈔了嗎?



最後,回到Santa Monica逛街的路上,走進我超愛的Victoria’s Secret內衣店,試了好多好可愛的比基尼,真的一分錢一分貨,款式都超美很獨特,可是一套買下來都好貴! 最後只買了2套,其中還是top model示範款,已經很開心滿足。






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